White Label: Why You Want It Now

App Building Jerry Lieveld 4 Feb 2016

Let your brand shine even more with AppMachine’s White Label option. This ‘no branding’ means all visible references to AppMachine are removed in your app. All credits go to you!

Normally all published apps show an AppMachine logo and other visible AppMachine references. The White Label option removes all these references to AppMachine. There are no signs of AppMachine in the app itself: no logo, no links, not even in the source code. Nobody knows you use AppMachine to build the app. White Label also offers an app promotional website without any AppMachine references. With White Label your app looks as if you made it from scratch.

Why would you want this? Well, all attention goes to your brand, event, shop, or company. It’s your brand, and it’s your app only. Your corporate style may not go together with AppMachine’s logo, or you just want people to think you’re a brilliant app developer that does not need templates.

White Label costs $299/€250

Building two apps or more with White Label? Then it’s  lucrative to buy a bundle of apps with a discount. White Label is always free for bundles. And with these bundles, you even get a white label cms. Check out the bundle options. (You don’t need to be a reseller, to get the bundle advantages)