Your own app with AppMachine: four examples from Germany and Austria

Get Inspired, Mobile News Liz Bollema 5 Sep 2013

After taking the Netherlands by storm since its introduction in June and receiving international acclaim, the Dutch startup now takes on German-speaking territories with an official launch. The following businesses, organizations and individuals already gave AppMachine a spin, resulting in these four apps.


gear for every self-respecting DJ –after turntables and a big music collection? A dedicated app of course! DJ Jerome, a household name in Germany but also well known abroad, just launched an app dedicated to his music and career: Jerome. The classy (black and white) design makes it stand out, as does the decision to have no text at all on the home screen: this is a purely visual experience, where nicely designed icons speak for themselves. Of course, one of the main attractions here is Jerome’s discography. Thanks to the attractive cover flow it is as beautiful as it is easy to sample Jerome’s body of work, and if you like what you hear the buy-button takes you immediately to the iTunes- or Google Music-store. Still not heard enough? Jerome’s SoundCloud is also integrated in this app.


AppMachine’s fame did reached Austria at an early stage. The Viennese Studio 44 used it to support their InnovationDay conference with a speciality app. By doing this, the Austrian innovators gave a new meaning to the expression ‘practice what you preach’. One topic heavily featured in the programme was current developments in social media. The app reflected this, as each item was easily shared with Twitter and Facebook (and also through old fashioned mail). The speakers’ biographies contained clear photos and a direct link to their personal LinkedIn profile.

Bereichsbibliothek Theology

The librarian of the theology faculty of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany recently had just one answer to several questions: and that was the Bereichsbibliothek Theology app. The design is sober, and rightly so: the information is the main point. The app provides answers to everyday questions such as opening times or how exactly you borrow a book, but also gives a complete overview of all recent acquisitions. In case that one desired book is not available, Google Maps points the student to all other neighbouring university libraries. The app not only shows Social Media content from the official Facebook page but also from Google Plus.

H1 Club & Lounge

The number one destination in Hamburg for everybody who likes the best in electronic music – that’s without a doubt H1 Club & Lounge. The world’s best DJ’s (Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta) have found their way to this Hamburg hotspot. To check which DJ is playing or what theme party organized you’d only have to travel to the Appstore or Google Play; their own app gives you all the information you need, and also features a nice collection of video reports and well selected photographs. Another big eye catcher is the look and feel of the app itself, with its tasteful purple/blue color scheme and it’s clear layout. It also offers one nice twist – literary- as the background moves along according to the phone’s gyroscope input.

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