Senior Frontend Engineer

AppMachine Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Do you want to join our team at the Endurance International Group (EIG)? We help millions of small businesses get online, look professional, and compete with the world by making the act of getting online simple. We are an entrepreneurial, fast-paced international team from all backgrounds. AppMachine was acquired in 2016 by EIG and operates as the innovation hub within EIG.

About the Job:

In this role you will work in a diverse team of professionals, graduates, juniors and seniors. We’re from all backgrounds and work together in always adopting teams. You’ll develop products that bring new functionality to our customers, create tools and make adjustments in our Developer Experience, educate and mentor our graduates and juniors and work together with our core team to solidify our core.

This position will require you to take on complex tasks and complete them despite roadblocks during the initial development. You’ll need to work with product managers on the requirements, work closely with testers to get the results as expected and work together with a team of highly skilled developers that are eager and willing to help and learn from each other.

We’re proud of the software we create and we want to be flexible in the way we work. Be prepared to change the odds and create new products in matters of sprints and put all your knowledge to the test. 

The organization’s mission is to provide common frameworks, applications, and practices to allow agile teams to move faster, detect failures fast, and to provide key quality metrics to teams and to the entire organization.

Our Current Stack:

  • Micro Frontend architecture with React.JS v16 (
  • Gatsby that helps us build blazing fast web apps.
  • React.JS context for state management.
  • A rich core component library built with Material UI for a standardized UI.
  • Hosted with Cloudflare workers on the Edge.
  • Backend APIs are developed in .NET Core and NodeJS.
  • Backend is powered by Google Cloud and Azure. Multiple deployments a week using Bitbucket pipelines.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with Product Managers, Engineers, and Stakeholders to understand the business requirements during daily Scrum sessions.
  • Own the full lifecycle of features from design, to implementation to deployment and maintenance, using a bitbucket continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Promote and nurture good engineering practices such as code reviews, and pair programming. While documenting the functionality that you deliver and mentoring junior developers. Using bitbucket’s pull request and inline comments capabilities. 
  • Seek empirical evidence through proof of concepts, tests, and external research. 
  • Set direction at the project level and consistently influences decision-making at the pillar level by integrating with the newest frontend technology.


  • 3+ years with the modern ES6+ UI development frameworks React and experience with Single page applications.
  • Strong understanding of computer science principles, system design, and architecture.
  • Experience working in an agile environment (standups, sprint planning, retrospectives, etc).
  • 2+ years with the React stack and state management libraries, like Redux, Redux saga MobX or Recoil.
  • Experience with UI frameworks like Material UI, Bootstrap 4 or Tailwind.
  • Understanding Task-based Asynchronous Programming ES2018.
  • Comfortable with building and configuring front-end build tools like Babel and Webpack
  • Ability to convert a Figma design into a working PWA.
  • A Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or related field.

Our offer:

  • A (more than) market competitive salary based on experience and knowledge.
  • A pension plan.
  • 24 days off (based on 100%)
  • Flexibility in working remotely and in the office*
  • Best office in Leeuwarden on the 15th and 16th floor in the Achmeatoren, enjoy the view*
  • State of the art working equipment
  • An inspiring and international work atmosphere with more than 30 dedicated engineers.
  • The ability to grow as an engineer.    

*because of Covid-19 the office is currently closed

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