Happy Easter Egg Hunt

Did you find it?

Step 1

Go to our design.appmachine.com

Register or login on your desktop computer

Step 2

Choose your app

Choose the app you want to publish or create a new one.

Step 3

Buy now, publish later

Use the discount code you found. Pay for your app. Buy now with the discount and publish later.

Didn’t find the code? 

Step 1

Go to our Facebook Page

Go to facebook.com/appmachine on your smartphone.

Step 2

Like us and start your search

Start looking for an easter egg on our timeline. An Easter Egg is a hidden message 😉

Step 3

Create the right code

Search for all the letters we have hidden in the grass and make the right word.

I'm lazy, just give me the discount code

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Terms & Conditions

The discount applies only for newly activated subscriptions.

Discount only applies to annual subscriptions.

Discount doesn’t apply to monthly subscriptions.

Discount doesn’t apply to Reseller Program fees.

Discounts can not be combined with other discounts.

Subscription period starts on date of purchase.

Discount Code

It’s hidden on our Facebook page. Search for 9 letters and put them in the right order.



This promotion is valid until tuesday (29th of March 2016), 11:59AM EST


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