Palestine on a Plate

Food & Drink

Palestine on a Plate will take you on a journey through time with delicious Palestinian recipes and personal stories. Get a glimpse of the secret recipes that have been handed down through generations across a variety of tastes and flavours with regular updates and new recipes, including: - Good Morning Starters - Hearty Pulses & Grains - The Mighty Lamb & Chicken - Fragrant Fish - A Vegetarian Variety - A Sweet Tooth "This app will take a look how food from past Palestinian generations has been passed down to me. From my grandmother, my aunties and mother. It represents foods from Palestine, which have been our staple, our heritage and our history. The food that I will be representing will take olden day cooking to new dimension, changing the methods, and most importantly the time it takes to cook the food. From what I remember and know, our food took my mother and relatives hours if not days to prepare. With today’s rushed lifestyle, I am trying to re-connect with our past but being mindful of our busy lives with that precious commodity, time, being ever scarcer." Joudie Kalla, author of Palestine on a Plate.

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