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AppMachine, always written with a capital A and a capital M

AppMachine Logo

The AppMachine logo is used on a white background or a photo background and consists of a the written name with the icon visual in front. These two elements may never be used seperate.

Logo on white or light background

Logo on dark background

Logo with payoff on white or light background

Logo with payoff on dark background

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AppMachine Color

The colors are used for headers, blocks and CTA buttons or backgrounds in ads. Body text is always written in white or grey/black.

RGB 255, 168, 0
CMYK 0, 31, 93, 0

RGB 0, 139, 226
CMYK 78, 38, 0, 0

RGB 111, 181, 37
CMYK 92, 1, 100, 0

RGB 222, 0, 2
CMYK 3, 100, 100, 1

RGB 66, 66, 66
CMYK 25, 25, 25, 80

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These screenshots can be used to show how the AppMachine software works and what it looks like for informational purposes as well as marketing purposes for ads. Always look on our website for the latest version of the screenshots before using.

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On the website, in pdf documents and in ads, the same font is used for headers and body text.

This font family is used on our website
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This font is used for the AppMachine logo
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The blocks can only be used as pictured, with 2 or 4 ‘dots’. We use line icons followed by text, vertically centered, on the block in white.  Except for the yellow block on which the icon and text will be black.

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