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December 15, 2015

Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI), a leading provider of cloud-based platform solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online, today, in collaboration with Netherlands-based technology developer AppMachine, launched Impress.ly, a full-featured web presence builder that creates a professional, dynamic, and personalized website that behaves like a native mobile app, with no coding or downloads required.

Impress.ly’s digital intelligence scans and organizes existing web assets from social media, websites, and other online resources to automatically populate highly customizable templates that can be modified to suit the user’s needs. The builder automatically selects a design aesthetic based on inputs from the small business or their brand, resulting in a simple and fluid HTML5 site that looks and performs like a mobile app and automatically optimizes for any screen size. Impress.ly sites can be built both on a phone or a desktop.

“As technology advances faster and drives a greater digital divide, Impress.ly is an effective tool to help small businesses get online and go mobile quickly,” said Curt Raffi, Vice President Mobile Engagement and Apps at Endurance. “It’s easier to use than drag-and-drop builders because of the structured, easy-to-use framework, which results in a well-organized website in minutes, no matter the user’s level of experience. And the site it creates is easily tailored – from the navigation to content presentation and style – empowering entrepreneurs to craft their individual identity on the web with minimal time or hassle.”

Impress.ly is an innovative product that enables a small business to launch a web presence seamlessly across any screen, as well as generate a native app during the same process, blurring the lines between a website and a native app for both iOS and Android operating platforms.

For small businesses or individuals that may have a basic website or separate social media accounts, Impress.ly brings the content together to create a highly integrated and unified online experience that can be tailored to fit their personal brand across devices.

Impress.ly’s features include:

  • Option to build on a phone: Impress.ly gives mobile-first entrepreneurs the ability to create a complete website, mobile site, or app all from their phone.
  • Auto content discovery: Impress.ly instantly and automatically finds and incorporates relevant content, and users simply provide a business name, Facebook page, or website address.
  • Personalized and professional styling: Design choice and content discovery is automated, but can be easily adjusted to suit the user’s personality or brand – without the complexity typically experienced with drag-and-drop builders.
  • A growing library of content and functionality modules: Functionality for photos, information, reviews, social media, reservations, and appointments can be added and customized.
  • Native app-like rendering: Impress.ly is optimized for rendering at nearly 60 frames a second, giving website visitors smooth animations and physics reminiscent of a native app.
  • Adaptive design: Impress.ly creates an easy-to-use website in minutes that adapts to any screen. Depending on their need, users can move from desktop to mobile to native apps through optional add-ons.
  • Powerful built-in analytics: From the Impress.ly dashboard, users can quickly see summary statistics of visitors, such as visits over time, geography of traffic, or the most popular sections of the site.


“Increasingly, major web platforms are dictating that companies have a mobile web presence, as evidenced by Google’s move earlier this year to rank mobile-friendly web pages higher in mobile search results,” said Hari Ravichandran, CEO and founder of Endurance. “Impress.ly enables small business entrepreneurs who may not have the skills or resources to create their own website to create an mobile site in minutes – while optimizing and leveraging the promise of today’s mobile web.”

For more information, watch Meet Impress.ly or visit www.impress.ly.

More photos and the impress.ly logo, download our Impress.ly Press Kit

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