AppMachine arrives in Brazil

August 28, 2013

Revolutionary AppMachine lets everybody design, build and publish their own high-quality app for iOS and Android – no technical knowledge needed

São Paulo. AppMachine is launching today in Brazil. The dutch startup AppMachine is the first accessible platform that enables users to build professional and native apps for smartphones and tablets. You don’t need to be a developer, a whizkid or a designer. The software of AppMachine makes creating and publishing apps affordable and easy- almost as simple as playing with LEGO. Since its introduction in June this year, AppMachine took the Netherlands by storm. Now the Dutch startup is ready for the next step: Brazil.

AppMachine launches in Brazil
It is no coincidence that AppMachine chose Brazil as the main base for international expansion. As an emerging market Brazil is bursting with potential and possibilities. Adding to that, the country has shown a significant increase in rates of smartphone adoption in the last year. “Today, there are over 70 million smartphones in use in Brazil, and the adoption curve continues to grow”, says Siebrand Dijkstra, founder and CEO of AppMachine. “Combined with the increase in adoption of mobile services by Brazilians, we believe our solution offers a great affordable way for small and medium sized businesses to create their own app”.

Another contributing factor is the two major world sporting events that the country will host in the coming years – the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Dijkstra: “About 600,000 people from all over the world are expected to visit Brazil. I’m sure that they will bring 600,000 smartphones and that they will use them to find local businesses and services”. Another advantage of AppMachine: ”Our native apps work without a data connection thus saving the customer lots of reals on roaming charges. This is good news for the tourists”.

AppMachine Brazil will launch at The Next Web Conference Latin America on 28-29 August. At the conference in Sao Paolo Dijkstra and his team will let conference attendees network using the conference app built with AppMachine and also demonstrate the app building software.

Portuguese support and local team
AppMachine is showing its commitment to the Brazilian cause with a website, blog and helpdesk all in the Portuguese language. It also has a local support team to help users, answer questions swiftly and to develop the market and form local partnerships. Dijkstra: ”We look at the needs of small to mid-sized enterprises and local developers. AppMachine can help them speed up development and reducing costs at the same time”. Thus AppMachine offers a quick and efficient alternative to application development.

The opening of its first Brazilian office is planned by the end of 2013. “All our efforts are focused in providing Brazilian users with a solution that can help them generate new business”, says the Dutch entrepreneur.

AppMachine: how does it work
After two years of development and three months of beta testing with 27,000 participants, the software that makes app-building easy for everyone launched in June. So far, more than 25.000 apps have already been built with it. AppMachine is the first accessible platform that enables users to build professional and native apps. The app serves different kinds of users with apps that vary in degree of difficulty and possibilities. Those who would like to build an app for a one-time event can do so in just a few clicks. AppMachine comes with lots of templates and skins and automatically generates an app based on a customer’s existing website. Designers and developers are given all the tools to design everything themselves or add custom features.

AppMachine comes in three distinctive variants:
1. Gorgeous: A ‘drag and drop’-app in which the design is still highly customizable.
2. Designer: Gives the user a pixel-by-pixel control over the app’s aesthetics.
3. Developer: The most technically advanced version which allows full developer control and external data integration.

All apps are one-hundred percent native: they work on the iOS and Android operating systems, making them faster and easier to use than HTML5 apps and mobile websites. AppMachine offers an app previewer with which users can see evolve their apps live while they are building it. If the app is ready, AppMachine will submit the app to the Apple App and Google Play Stores. Building an app with AppMachine is free. Customers only pay once when they decide to publish their app to the app stores.  

Building native apps with AppMachine:

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