AppMachine goes Live: The revolutionary app-building platform is now available for everyone

June 17, 2013

Heerenveen – June 12th, 2013 – AppMachine is live! After two years of development and three months of beta testing with 27,000 participants, the software that makes app-building easy for everyone is now available. The mobile market, the world’s fastest growing sector, now has an accessible online platform that makes the building of native iOS and Android apps more fun than ever.

AppMachine is the first truly accessible platform with which users can make professional and native apps. Knowledge of programming is not needed. The app serves different kinds of users with apps that vary in degree of difficulty and possibilities. Those who would like to build a simple app for a one-time event can do so in just a few clicks. Designers and developers who would like to design everything themselves or add a few custom features are given all the tools needed to do so.

Making an app is now at everyone’s fingertips. As AppMachine’s founder and owner, Siebrand Dijkstra, puts it, “It is unique for such an accessible platform to be able to produce such gorgeous and advanced apps. And this at just a fraction of the cost that you might pay elsewhere. This is really going to change the app-market.”

AppMachine has three versions

1. Gorgeous: A ‘drag and drop’-app in which the design is still highly customizable.
2. Designer: The version with which designers have pixel-by-pixel control over the app’s aesthetics.
3. Developer: The most technically advanced version which allows enables more data links.

Building an app with AppMachine is free. You only pay once you decide to publish one of your apps to the app stores. By using the app previewers, you can see your app take shape as your building it.

AppMachine is not only for small or medium-sized companies, it is also placing an emphasis on design and web agencies who want to sell apps to customers. All apps are one-hundred percent native: they work on the iOS and Android operating systems, making them faster and easier to use than HTML5 apps and mobile websites. If the app is ready, AppMachine will submit the app to the Apple App and Google Play Stores. The software is available in seven languages​​.

Anyone interested in app-building and who would like to try using AppMachine can create an account at



About AppMachine

With the introduction of its new online platform the Dutch startup AppMachine has set a new standard for app building. AppMachine makes building apps accessible to everyone; this means empowering users with all the tools they need to design, test and publish their own apps with no prior programming or design experience. Siebrand Dijkstra founded AppMachine in 2011. His earlier endeavors with SchoolMaster and the educational software program Magister were wildly successful. You can find more information about AppMachine at

Downloads: Press resources available at

AppMachine in numbers:

Software in Development :2.5 years
Number of developers :18
Total employees :26

Length of the beta period :3 months – March, April and May 2013
Testers during the beta :27,000
Testers in :140 countries

Noteworthy apps : Armin van Buuren, The Next Web, Amsterdam Dance Event, Bright Day Event
Prices: €399 ($499), €699 ($899), and €999 ($1,299)

Press Contacts Worldwide

Fleur van der Laan (COO AppMachine)
Tel: +31 6 250 76820

Press Contact for Brazil

Miguel Tavares
Tel: +55 21 4101 1052

Press Contact for spanish speaking countries

Thomas Wielemaker
Tel: +31 58 700 97 22