AppMachine is now in open beta

April 24, 2013

Following a successful closed beta, AppMachine opens its platform to the world

Heerenveen, April xx, 2013 – Following a successful closed beta, during which 19,000 people started building and designing apps, AppMachine has now opened it’s beta to everyone. This means that everyone, starting now, will be able to create AppMachine accounts and start building apps right away. AppMachine expects that users will be able to publish their apps to the Apple and Google Play app stores very soon.

The closed beta proved to be the ultimate user test and provided AppMachine with a wealth of information. The reactions were also enormously enthusiastic. Thanks to the questions submitted to the support desk, AppMachine has been able to solve various issues and edit the documentation to make the platform easier to use. This has allowed AppMachine to move to the next phase, the open beta. Users can now take advantage of a number of improvements including a vastly improved website scanner, a platform supported across all browsers, and several revisions to the Previewer app.

All those interested in building amazing apps with AppMachine can register for an account at
Since the beginning of the beta, AppMachine has received a constant stream of requests from users already interested in publishing their apps. This will be available in the near future.

More about AppMachine

With the introduction of its new online platform, Dutch start-up AppMachine has set a new standard for mobile app development. AppMachine gives everyone the ability to make gorgeous apps; this means designing, developing, testing and publishing apps efficiently. You don’t need special programming or design skills. Siebrand Dijkstra founded AppMachine in 2011. He enjoyed previous success building educational software. The new AppMachine platform has been developed over the past two years. AppMachine currently has eighteen developers on its team. You can find more information about AppMachine at

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Fleur van der Laan (COO AppMachine)
Tel: +31 6 250 76820

Press Contact for Brazil

Miguel Tavares
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Thomas Wielemaker
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