AppMachine: The next step in app building

February 25, 2013

New platform for creating gorgeous, fully functional, native apps in a fraction of time and costs, compared to other platforms

Barcelona, February 25, 2013, Mobile World Congress – Today marks a revolution in app making with the first official presentation of AppMachine. After two years of programming, AppMachine has reached beta status and will be previewed at MWC.

This innovative online platform enables anyone to create compelling native iOS and Android apps in a fraction of the time and costs of other platforms. Technical or design skills are not required. Creating an app has never been easier. This new way of making apps will completely redefine the way apps are installed in communication mixes as of today.

As the apps are native, using the iOS or Android operating system, they are much faster and much more user-friendly than mobile websites and HTML5 apps. Apps built with AppMachine, offer the true app experience. AppMachine supports app building in three easy steps:

* Design – Choose from a wide array of pre-configured features in ready-to-use building blocks on the platform. You can lay it out yourself, or use our templates. The platform offers twenty different, fully functional building blocks for the most common app functions. Options include news, products, location-based services, social media, photos and videos. Different skins and image galleries help to design the app instantly, but are also adjustable.

* Test – Look at your app live on your smartphone with the AppMachine Previewer. This feature enables you to check the app live on your mobile device or computer while you’re building it. You can download the AppMachine Previewer from Apple and Google Play’s app stores. It lets you show customers or colleagues what you’re making while you are making it. You can make immediate adjustments or create a fully functioning prototype to convince your customers.

* Publish – Is your app ready to go? Is the customer satisfied? With just one click, you publish your app in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. If you need to make corrections, update it on the fly. Designing and testing are free. You only pay when your app is published in the app stores. Creating an outline, wire framing, obtaining approval and embarking on the coding process, all these are now things of the past. Thanks to the smart technology, you can build a prototype and go from draft to end product in a much shorter timeframe.

“Seeing is believing”, said Siebrand Dijkstra, AppMachine’s founder and CEO. “Just check out our platform and you will experience how easy it is to create a compelling app, without any technological or software skills. When we call our solution revolutionary, innovative and amazing, we are not making idle boasts. We make app making accessible to everyone and creative by removing all technical showstoppers from the process and this means instant apps that work.”

Three versions
The AppMachine platform comes in three flavors: Gorgeous, Designer and Developer.

The Gorgeous version allows anyone to build a compelling app as described above. Choose from 20 different Building Blocks to give you all the features your app needs. Use each one as often as you want. You can choose Building Blocks from a variety of themes.


The designer version enables you to edit every single pixel and animation you like. A rich set of advanced database and connectivity features is available in the developer edition. The possibilities are virtually endless. Customizing an app to the smallest detail, with different colors in each screen is no problem at all. Pinpointing the target location of the text precisely or animated buttons that light up when tapped, all this and more is possible with the Designer app.


Later in the year, AppMachine will also launch The Developer version with its wealth of developer tools. It allows you to include your own tables and screens in the app. It offers all of the options of the Gorgeous and Designer apps, but goes one-step further technically. With this version,  you can create an app that retrieves its data from your own database. For instance, data can be loaded from an Excel sheet in the AppMachine CMS and the table can be used in the app. The data in your app can even be updated automatically by creating a link with an XML or JSON feed. This makes the Developer app the most flexible among our apps.


Building Blocks


More info about the Building Blocks:

Availability and pricing
AppMachine will be available to a limited group for beta testing after the Congress. The official version will be released in May 2013.

Price: 399 Euros for the Gorgeous version and 699 Euros for the designer version.

Users only pay for apps that are published in the app stores.

About AppMachine
AppMachine has just one aim: to make great software that allows everyone to build fantastic apps. AppMachine makes the creation of high-quality apps easy and affordable. The innovative platform is available for advertising, web, design and PR agencies and for end users. Siebrand Dijkstra founded AppMachine in 2011. He was previously successful in the Netherlands with educational software. The new AppMachine platform has been in development for two years. Eighteen developers at AppMachine are working on the best app building platform in the world for people without coding skills.

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