Building your own app – should you choose a Gorgeous, Designer or Developer app?

February 22, 2013

You are about to create an app using AppMachine. But three different types of app are available – so how do you decide which it’s to be? A Gorgeous app? A Designer or a Developer app? It all depends on your wishes. In this post we’ll tell you about the differences between the various kinds of apps.


The Gorgeous app is a great-looking one you can build with little knowledge of app development. You have a number of building blocks at your disposal that you can put to unlimited use. If needed, you can buy additional advanced building blocks. You can build your app according to your personal preferences using a skin and a main navigation. So you can piece together a great-looking app quickly and easily, without having to bother with all sorts of complex settings and options. If we would put all of the options of AppMachine at your disposal at once, you might go weak at the knees. But rest assured, a Gorgeous app is gorgeous indeed! If you want to have a great looking app, but don’t want to be involved with design at the pixel level, the Gorgeous app is for you.


If you want to go one step further in graphic terms, look no further. AppMachine pulls out all the graphics stops with the Designer app. The possibilities are virtually endless. Would you like to customise an app to the smallest detail? With different colours in each screen? No problem at all. Would you like to determine where your icons should go down to the last pixel? Would you like to pinpoint the target location of the text precisely? Would you like to use animated buttons that light up when tapped? All this and more is possible with our Designer app – designers can really let rip with this one. But it does require prior experience in graphic design. Because often it is precisely in the subtlety and simple design that true beauty lies.


Would you also like to include your own tables and screens in your app? Then the Developer app is the way to go. It offers all of the options of the Gorgeous and Designer apps, but goes one step further technically. It allows you to create an app that retrieves its data from your own database. For instance, you can load data from an Excel sheet in the AppMachine CMS and use the table in your app. If you then create a link with an XML or JSON feed, the data in your app can even be updated automatically. This makes the Developer app the most flexible among our apps.

So how should you choose an app?

That’s the greatest thing about AppMachine: you do not have to choose a particular app in advance. You can simply start building a Gorgeous app. You will receive a notification when you add an advanced building block or want to use a feature that belongs to the Designer app. AppMachine will ask if you are sure you want to take this step. The additional building block will make your app slightly more expensive or upgrade it to a Designer app. So you will never be confronted with any surprises. And since you only pay once the app is published, you can check what it will cost you beforehand. So if necessary, you can go back and make it cheaper. This way everybody gets exactly what they want, without having to pay too much.

So … when AppMachine launches, get cracking! AppMachine starts with Gorgeous!

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