Dutch Startup AppMachine Starts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

September 05, 2013

Native Apps out of the Box: Building High-Quality Apps for iOS and Android without Coding Skills

Hamburg. The Dutch startup AppMachine starts today in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. AppMachine is the first truly accesible platform that enables users to create professional native apps for smartphones without programming knowledge. With prefabricated building blocks users can build native apps for iPhone and Android in just a few hours.

More than 38,000 users worldwide

After two years of development and a three-month beta phase with 27,000 testers AppMachine went to the market in June 2013. Meanwhile, more than 38,000 users have already created apps with the AppMachine toolkit. Now, the Dutch startup conquers the German-speaking market.

AppMachine will be present on the Showstoppers @ IFA on 5th of September in Berlin. The startup provides visitors with the official Showstoppers app that makes it easier for journalists to find their way on the event.

“We are particularly pleased that we are entering in our neighboring country Germany, in Austria and Switzerland starting at the world‘s leading trade show for consumer electronics” says Siebrand Dijkstra, founder and CEO of AppMachine. From now on  HYPERLINK “http://www.appmachine.nl” www.appmachine.nl will be available in German language. The German team in Hamburg helps users, answers questions and forms local partnerships.

Apps for SMEs, sports clubs, artists or events

Currently, nearly 40 million Germans, Austrians and Swiss have a smartphone. Smartphone users take more and more advantage of getting information about companies, hotels, events or artists. “Until now, having their own app was much too expensive for small and medium-sized enterprises. With AppMachine, making a professional app is now at everyone’s fingertips” explains Dijkstra. Whether PR agencies, marketing departments or individuals: AppMachine offers the right solution for every user.

Cost-saving tool for developers

Developers also benefit from AppMachine. “Our software is a cost-efficient and flexible tool for developers,” says Dijkstra. “They can speed up the developing of native apps and save time and money.” Thus, AppMachine serves different kind of users with apps that vary in degree of difficulty and possibilities.

At The Next Web Conference in São Paulo on 28th of August 2013, AppMachine presented its brand-new developer version which will soon be available in beta. With that, developers can code their own building blocks, import external data and determine the design down to the last pixel themselves.

How does AppMachine work

With the AppMachine toolkit everybody can make professional apps. Users can choose from three types of apps:
Gorgeous (399 €): A “drag and drop” app with a selection of numerous design templates.
Designer (699 €): Allows pixel-by-pixel control over the app’s aesthetics.
Developer (999 €): Allows developers to integrate external data and program own application modules.

Building apps is free. Users only pay when they publish an app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With the AppMachine Previewer app users can see their app live on their smartphones while they are building it.

About AppMachine

AppMachine is setting new standards in the creation of native apps. With AppMachine everybody can build apps without coding and design skills – quickly and in an affordable way. After two and a half years of development time, the Dutch startup went on the market in June 2013. Meanwhile, 38,000 users worldwide are building apps on  HYPERLINK “http://www.appmachine.nl” www.appmachine.nl. AppMachine has 26 employees in Heerenveen (Frisia), including 18 developers, and partners in Brazil and the German-speaking countries.

About Siebrand Dijkstra

Siebrand Dijkstra is founder, owner and CEO of AppMachine. He is a serial-entrepreneur for more than 20 years, developing innovative software for the public market and founding several companies. After the successful sale of his software company Schoolmaster Dijkstra started a new project: In 2011 he founded AppMachine and began with a dedicated team of 18 developers with the development of AppMachine. Dijkstra has just been nominated as “CEO of the Year” by the Dutch magazine “Computable”.

Examples of AppMachine apps:
Showstoppers@IFA: http://apps.appmachine.com/showstoppers
The Next Web Conference: http://apps.appmachine.com/tnwlatam
Armin van Buuren: http://apps.appmachine.com/arminvanbuuren
Eden Ibiza: http://apps.appmachine.com/edenibiza

Building native apps with AppMachine: www.appmachine.nl 
Press downloads (photos, presskits): www.appmachine.nl/newsroom
AppMachine in the press: http://www.appmachine.nl/press/

Press Contact: 

For Germany / Austria / Switzerland:
Sandra Liebich (Area Manager)
Email: presse@appmachine.com
Telephone: +49 176 348 000 37

Fleur van der Laan (COO AppMachine)
Email: Fleur@appmachine.com
Telephone: +31 6 250 7682

Arne Postma (Development Manager AppMachine)
Email: Arne@appmachine.com
Telephone: +31 6 11 709794

Internet: www.appmachine.nl
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AppMachine, www.twitter.com/AppMachineDE
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AppMachine

Press Contacts Worldwide

Fleur van der Laan (COO AppMachine)
Email: Fleur@appmachine.com
Tel: +31 6 250 76820

Press Contact for Brazil

Miguel Tavares
Email: Miguel@appmachine.com
Tel: +55 21 4101 1052

Press Contact for spanish speaking countries

Thomas Wielemaker
Email: Thomas@appmachine.com
Tel: +31 58 700 97 22