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Ten Steps To Start Your Own Mobile Apps Company

Ten steps to start your app business or expand your business selling apps

How do you start selling apps to clients? You are only ten steps away from your own apps business.

Anyone can make professional apps with AppMachine, all you have to do is sell them with a good profit margin.
All apps you make work on iPhones and Android smartphones. Without spending money you can make fully functional apps and show them to clients.

Selling apps to clients has never been this easy.

Become a Reseller



You’ll be making apps on AppMachine’s online platform, there’s no need to install any software. As soon as you register, you are able to test your apps building business. Just give it a try, you only register with your e-mail. There are no obligations. Make your account here.

If you are planning to sell two or more apps, you are better of with a bundle subscription. You build apps from $10 or $33 each a month, and you’ll get lots of benefits, such as non-branded apps and a White Label Client CMS. With this CMS you or your clients can maintain their own app. There is no visible connection with AppMachine in the White Label CMS. Available for resellers, but even if you won’t sell your apps to clients, the bundle subscriptions are a great opportunity.

Please check out all the  benefits of our Reseller Program.


Choose your client

For which clients are you going to make apps? Small and medium sized companies? A large enterprise? Or a single event? There are apps for everyone, from the neighborhood flower shop to large exhibitions and organizations. Are your customers are mainly shops and stores? They can sell their products in their app. The app is an extra sales channel which can be supported by powerful marketing through push notifications.

Apps for events or large enterprises can be linked to existing data using web services and Excel. You can lock certain parts of the app with a password: only give the sales team access to client data. Or you only let attendees see the program and instruction video’s of a workshop.


Scan the client’s website

Building a mobile app usually starts with a scan of your client’s website, simply because most of your clients already have websites. The AppMachine crawler automatically scans the website to see if there are any pictures and social media links you can use. Photos and logos can be easily imported in the app.

You can also simply integrate Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels. You only have to give the website’s url and choose what to import. The app will sync all imported material automatically.


Choose a skin or start designing

You can design your own app or select one of the many skins we have in stock. If you choose a template, you’re not completely stuck to its look and feel. Most of it can be changed like colors, icons and background pictures. This is where you also choose the navigation style for your main menu. Even this can be changed afterwards.

How do you select a navigation? Read our article How do you choose a navigation style for your app?  You could also hire  a graphic designer to design your app. Or get a stunning professional design from a pro.


Add content

Skin and menu ready? Start adding as much content as you wish with building blocks: satellite navigation to any location, ‘call me now’ function, or in-app purchases using the Checkout block. Import data by using Excel, XML or JSON feeds. Blocks may be used several times and can be designed any way you want. You can always remove them or just put a block on ‘inactive’ for later use.

Your clients can easily add content with the CMS. There is a White Label Client CMS available for resellers, which makes sure their clients cannot see any connection with AppMachine.


Show the app live

Apps that are being built can be watched live in two ways: in the web browser while you are working on the app, and on smartphones and tablets. As soon as you change something, it’s visible in the smartphone simulator on the website. A great way to test your modifications.

To see the result on smartphones and tablets, just install the free AppMachine Previewer. The previewer also comes in a non branded White Label version for our resellers and other users with an app bundle. Your clients won’t see you’re using AppMachine to build their apps. You can use the previewer to let your client monitor the progress of the app.

Start Your Own Mobile Apps Business

Become a Reseller


Sell and and publish

Is your customer happy with the result? Then bill your client and publish the app in the stores. You are free to charge your client what you want. Our prices range from to a month. Please see our pricing page for more information. The reseller pricing will depend on the bundle you choose. Ask for more information on the reseller bundle pricing here.

You publish apps with the publishing wizard on the website. It will guide you through the process and does most of the time consuming work. You do have to get your own developers licenses from Apple and Google.


Promote the app

Is the app finally live in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store? Spread the word and promote your app to attract users. Your clients can get a special promotional website and a QR-code to make downloading your app as easy as possible.

Users will be directed automatically to the app store that applies to them. Users of the app can also share the app with others just by tapping a button in the app.

This promotional website is not fully non-branded as the url is always If you don’t want your clients to know you use AppMachine, you can just skip this website.


Updating and upselling

Your clients will be able to maintain their app partially with the CMS. They can change information like opening hours or introduce new employees.  They cannot change the design or make new apps. Resellers will be provided with a non branded White Label Client CMS. Their clients will not see any connection to AppMachine.

You may expect lots of new AppMachine features in the near future. Our 20 programmers are developing and innovating every day. You can use these new features in new apps or add them to existing ones. You´re free to charge your clients for features that enrich their app.

Do you need functionality that does not exist yet? Make it with JavaScript. Or ask AppMachine to develop a new building block.


Use the app in the marketing mix

Your clients will get access to the analytics dashboard. This gives them insight in the use of the app. How many times has the app been downloaded, from which location and with which smartphone? The analytics also provide information about the mostly used parts of the app. No matter how small your app is, the big data will give you and your clients a profound insight in the app users.

A mobile app should be part of your client´s  marketing mix. Users can be targeted by sending them push notifications, to all users or to  a selected group.

Get the reseller benefits and start selling apps today!