Easy to Update

Adding content to the app is easy. You can add a live link to your existing data. Or you can update it manually using AppMachine’s CMS.

The easiest way to keep your app up to date is to link to your existing data — a live link. Tweets, Facebook events, Flickr and Instagram photos, YouTube Channels — all of it can go into your app automatically. Your app checks if there’s any new information and downloads anything new automatically.

AppMachine CMS

If you don’t have any live data to download, or if you’d rather update your data yourself, just use AppMachine’s CMS. It lets you update photos, product information, colleague and team data, POIs, or any other text. The app then displays the information you entered using the CMS.


AppMachine’s CMS stores all the settings for each of your Building Blocks. You can update the CMS anywhere, anytime, on your computer or on your smartphone. After you make changes, you can send them on to your users — once in a while or on a regular basis. Want to know the differences between our update subscriptions? Compare our pricing and options.

Building Blocks

Build your app by choosing from our selection of Building Blocks. They contain features such as Information, Photos, and Video. They also let you link your app to Facebook, Twitter, or online stores.

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Publish in Online Stores

Make your app available to everyone. AppMachine takes care of just about everything you need to get your app into Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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Convince Your Customers

Building an app is free with AppMachine. Create a fully functional demo and show it to others live on your smartphone. It’s a great way to convince your customers.

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