Choose a design for your app. You can choose from several navigation templates, or design your own app. But if you want a professional-looking app within hours, you can start right away with one of the templates. You always have complete control of the layout. Take a look at some examples.

Let a professional design your app.


Choose from our standard skins or create the app to match your corporate identity. You can set colors for different elements as a standard feature — backgrounds, navigation bars, buttons, headers, texts, and more. Want to change even more elements? Go ahead and give it a try. 


Use your own icons to create a unique image. Or choose from our wide array of navigation icons.


AppMachine makes it so easy to use images. While you design your app, you can tell AppMachine to search your website automatically for images or other content that you have. Use any photos or illustrations from your own site in your app design. Or upload your own images, or even choose new images from AppMachine’s databanks.

Want more control of the design?

Want to design more of the app yourself? AppMachine gives you complete control of your design. Dig deeper into the design and change even the smallest details, so you can match the app completely to any house style.

You can:
• adapt each element’s color independently;
• change button appearance completely;
• design each Building Block any way you want;
• gain access to more navigation templates;
• adapt the navigation templates right down to the last pixel.

or let a professional design your app.

Add Content

Keep your app up to date — easily. You can update your app anywhere, anytime using our CMS — even on your smartphone.

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Install the Previewer

Use the AppMachine Previewer to see the app live on your smartphone while you’re building it.

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Test Your App

Test your app while your build it. Watch your progress on your smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet. That way, you can see what the app looks like when it goes live.

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