The AppMachine Previewer

While you’re building your app, you’ll want to see it on your smartphone as soon as you can. You can do that with the AppMachine Previewer. This is an app that you can install on your Android phone. It shows you what your app looks like on your phone, immediately. You do the actual building on your PC, Mac, or tablet. You can download the Previewer for free from  Google Play.

Use the Previewer by loggin in to your AppMachine account to see the apps that you’re building.

Live View on Your Computer Screen

You can link the Previewer to your browser and see the app on your computer screen. That makes it even easier to see the changes you make. This is also a great feature to use when you demonstrate an app to your customers. Connect your computer to a beamer and enlarge the app on a big screen. Make changes to the app’s structure or color settings and share the results.

Convince Your Customers

Building an app is free with AppMachine. Create a fully functional demo and show it to others live on your smartphone. It’s a great way to convince your customers.

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Test Your App

Test your app while your build it. Watch your progress on your smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet. That way, you can see what the app looks like when it goes live.

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Native vs. HTML

AppMachine’s apps are 100% native — they run straight from your operating system and hardly need any loading time. They’re fast, resilient, and reliable.

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Technically Superior Software

Building an app is easy thanks to the superior quality of AppMachine’s software and architecture. We write the code. All you do is choose from the assortment of ready-made designs and interfaces.

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Add Content

Keep your app up to date — easily. You can update your app anywhere, anytime using our CMS — even on your smartphone.

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The easy-to use wizard takes you through the app-building process step by step. You’ll go from concept to final product in a flash. And you can always test it on your smartphone.

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