Native Apps

With AppMachine you can make native apps, and you don’t have to know the first thing about programming. We’ve already done the hard part.

  • AppMachine’s native apps are programmed using the operating systems (OS) of smartphones. That makes them faster and much more user-friendly than mobile websites and HTML5 apps. It makes the apps work quickly and easily, which is what users are used to — and what they demand!
  • Practically every other solution for making do-it-yourself apps uses HTML5. Every time you activate apps of that kind, you have to download all the web content first. That limits their interactivity and it makes them slower. So they’re a lot less enjoyable to use than native apps.

Technically Superior Software

Building an app is easy thanks to the superior quality of AppMachine’s software and architecture. We write the code. All you do is choose from the assortment of ready-made designs and interfaces.

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Publish in Online Stores

Make your app available to everyone. AppMachine takes care of just about everything you need to get your app into Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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Install the Previewer

Use the AppMachine Previewer to see the app live on your smartphone while you’re building it.

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