Promote Your App

AppMachine helps you promote your app. We offer you an app site where you can place attractive promotional copy and good-looking screenshots. It also contains links to Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Anyone who opens the site on their smartphone can download the app from the store.

We’ll also give you a QR code, which you can link to promotional material that allows everyone to download the app directly.

Promotion Inside the App

We also provide promotion opportunities right inside your app. You can ‘like’ it on Facebook or share it on Twitter — right from your app.

Have you seen DJ Markus Schulz’s app? It’s a good example. You can share his podcasts straight from his app via Twitter and Facebook. This makes it possible to share the maximum amount of information inside your app. Of course, you can also share the app yourself — and like it!


OK, your app is being downloaded and used, but how often? And what are people using your app for? We provide you with a clear overview of all the data.

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Push Notifications

Breaking news? Something that really can’t wait? Send your app users a push notification. They’ll see it immediately — even if the app isn’t open.

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Native vs. HTML

AppMachine’s apps are 100% native — they run straight from your operating system and hardly need any loading time. They’re fast, resilient, and reliable.

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