How to Update

Change your app and use the Previewer to watch it live on a smartphone. Satisfied? Click the ‘Update’ button. It’s that simple. App users receive updates automatically. When they open the app, it retrieves all the latest data.

For major changes, you may need to republish the app, e.g. if you add new features or change something on the Publish tab. AppMachine will republish your app to the stores. Users receive a notification that an update is available and they can download the latest version from the stores.

When to Update

  • An update is always required whenever you change anything in the CMS on, e.g.:
  • You add or activate building blocks.
  • You alter your app’s content.
  • You alter its design.
  • You modify its images.
  • An update is also required if you need to resubmit the app because another party has altered something that causes your app to stop working. These are referred to as breaking changes. For example, if Apple releases a new iOS version, then you may need to update your app. This also applies to other parties such as Google, Twitter, Facebook. If they change something that causes your app to stop working, then you need to make an update. Your app will be resubmitted automatically.

Push Notifications

Breaking news? Something that really can’t wait? Send your app users a push notification. They’ll see it immediately — even if the app isn’t open.

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It’s easy to update your app using our CMS.

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Add Content

Keep your app up to date — easily. You can update your app anywhere, anytime using our CMS — even on your smartphone.

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