AppMachine for developers

Are you an app developer? Are you struggling with the time it takes to design apps for your customers? AppMachine lets you create screens for your apps fast, allowing you to spend more time writing the code that matters. The no-code app creation platform makes it possible to build a great looking app blazingly fast. Technically savvy developers can easily extend apps built with the AppMachine Designer with their own code.

Google Sheets

Use an existing Google Sheet as a datasource to render information in your app. Since your app is linked to your Google Sheet, you can change the data straight from within the app. AppMachine ensures that the changed data is sent directly from the app to the spreadsheet.

This also works the other way around. Any change you make directly to your Google Sheet will become visible in your app without having to change the app!

More info about Google Sheets
Connect your Google Sheets

Web Services

Connect to external web services to show data from other sources. Using web service integrations is a perfect way to create an app that integrates with your existing business solutions.

When using web services in your AppMachine App, you can allow users to list, create, update and delete data. Use your app as a way to get your data updated by app users who are not in the office. Using push messages you can notify your users of new data available in your app, wherever they are.

You can authenticate with web services through API key, bearer token or basic auth.

Connect your web services

Design from abstract to detail

Customize the design of your application on a high level by setting colors, fonts and designing your main navigation. Apps built with AppMachine can easily implement a sliding menu, tab bar navigation or dedicated home screen icon menu. This ensures that your app looks great and clean out of the box.

With the Block editor you can add pre configured functional Blocks to your app, which can contain several screens. You can customize the look and feel of your blocks with just a few settings. But if you want to go deeper, the Element editor allows you to influence every detail on every page, making it possible to customize your screens up to the smallest nitty gritty detail.

Design every detail


Even though the apps created with AppMachine designer are published as Flutter apps, you can simply use JavaScript to create screens with unique functionality suited to your particular solution. By including a JavaScript package, you can completely control your own UI and screen interactions through JavaScript by retrieving data, changing data, and triggering events to control the app.

The @myjsblock/sdk package serves as a bridge that exposes asynchronous functions. These functions make it possible for you to let your JavaScript communicate with the application shell via a simplified API. The bridge also enables you to get access to phone specific features, such as retrieving the current geographical position.

More information on adding JavaScript to your app
Add your own JavaScript code if you are a developer

Start building your app now

Have you come to the startling realisation that a lot of the solutions for developing an app are overly complicated?

Through AppMachine, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With our app builder, you can choose the easy route to fulfilling your vision… without negotiating on platform quality. Soon, you’ll have a brand new channel to encourage sales and increase brand loyalty. Discover all the app developing myths we unravel for you >