White label mobile app reseller

Build revenue and sell white-label apps. No coding skills are required!

Build apps for your customers

Start or boost your white-label app development business and sell apps. With our app creation platform, you can build apps for your customers, and you don’t need any coding skills! We provide all the tools you need to create, style, and publish a mobile application to the web and the app stores. With our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can build apps in a fraction of the time.

Mobile app reseller

White label app builder

Your apps are white labeled, without any branding of AppMachine in the app. Your customers won’t know that you have built it using an app-building platform to cut development costs!

The biggest advantage is that this allows you to set your own price for the app which you sell to your customers. And you don’t need to hire expensive external developers. You focus on your sales, marketing, and app content. Our white label app builder takes care of the rest.

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Types of white-label mobile apps you can build

No need to worry about app publishing as we have automated those technical processes.

Mobile website

Your application can be published as a Progressive Web App with just one click. Connect your customer’s own domain, and your client can check how their app looks on smartphones’ web browsers.

Native app for iOS and Android

No in-house knowledge is required to build your app for the Google Play store and Apple App store. That’s included in your subscription. We bring our 10+ years of experience with the App Stores Guidelines to help you to get your app approved.

Custom development

Add your own functionality or services if your users want more. Any web developer can code additional features in JavaScript, which you can add to your app. You can also add data like product listings or in-company data by integrating with your customers’ web services.

Benefits of using our app builder

Build your custom mobile app using our white-label app development platform

Our team = your team

Extend your team with our app developers and testers, who are constantly working on new features without any additional cost to you. Our support team also has a lot of experience in getting apps approved in the app stores, and we will help you along the way.

The AppMachine team with the Dutch Queen Maxima

Ease of use

With our preconfigured blocks and drag-and-drop builder, you will be able to create and manage your app without any coding skills or developers, saving you lots of time and money.

Features you can add to your app

High-quality and secure apps

Our team, with a combined 100+ years of coding experience, makes sure you get high-quality mobile apps that work on every platform. Our mobile app development service will intensively test each new component or feature to guarantee new features without bugs.

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High quality apps

How to earn money with white-label apps

Increase your profits, make money with apps and deliver extraordinary value by white labeling apps.

We offer you the tools to build apps fast – you focus on your sales, your clients, and their content.

App Creation fees

Your expertise and resources are mobilized when you create an application for a client. It is valuable to charge a creation fee for the time and effort you put into the final product. You can create apps with a high level of customization and exceptional design thanks to AppMachine’s White Label app builder. You can also imagine tiered pricing structures based on the distribution methods your customer chooses since you can publish apps on three platforms (Web, Android, iOS).

App creation fees for desktop, tablet and mobile apps

App Maintenance fees

An app requires both technical and human resources in order to stay up and running. You can charge your customers recurring fees for things like annual updates, customer support, and access to the app’s technical infrastructure. AppMachine also allows you to give your clients access to the app’s administration interface which is white labeled of course.

Make sure to include updates for App Stores – operating systems in your contract with your customers. The AppMachine app team makes sure your app stays compliant with the changing requirements of browsers and App Stores. So these are not additional costs for you, but you can charge your customers for it

App Maintenance fees

Modifications and Additional Services for Apps

Your clients may want modifications or improvements to their app down the road, and AppMachine provides access to many features. You can upsell additional services to the apps you’ve already created, thus increasing your average sale.

You can charge them a fixed monthly fee for feature updates or changes over time or charge a fixed fee.

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Maintenance fees for operating system updates

Building two apps or more?

Choose a plan with 5 or 30 apps and start selling apps right away. It has never been easier to start or extend your business selling apps!

Annual billing (Save 20%)


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  • 5 Web 🌐, iOS 🍎 & Android 🤖 Apps
  • Phone & Tablet
  • 3 Team members
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Send push notifications
  • Connect web services
  • White label Client CMS
  • Logic & Workflows
  • Agency Expert Sessions


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Prices are subject to tax and can be paid in USD, EUR or GBP.

Reselling Your Apps for a Better Price

Do you want to expand your marketing business and resell white-labeled apps?

The do-it-for-me marketing business model is a great opportunity to introduce a white-label app. Consumers around the world use apps on their smartphones for several hours every day, so adding a white-label app to your marketing repertoire should be a no-brainer. Sell the app to your existing clients who don’t have one yet, and show prospects how your white-label app solution can help them expand their business.

It’s important to make sure your white-label app is valuable to your clients by solving specific issues they may be facing. Many clients may have similar problems, but you need to do your research to make sure your app is the right solution for their particular needs. Some common problems that mobile apps can solve include: efficiently tracking loyalty rewards, providing data on demand, managing internal purposes, customer support, information dissemination, and promoting new products and services.

If you see a gap in an existing or potential client’s marketing strategy, consider joining a white-label marketplace to resell solutions. By reselling white-label apps and other marketing tools and products, you can help your clients fill in the gaps in their marketing strategy and get the results they need.

 Reselling Your Apps for a Better Price


With our Business plans for resellers, you can build a large number of apps. You decide what to charge your clients. As a mobile app reseller, you can make building apps profitable because you can copy and paste your app templates. This safes you hours of work. Just customize each section and design to your specific clients needs.

No developers

You focus on the content and design of your white-label mobile apps while we take care of the technology. With your knowledge of the market, you can sell apps to any customer without the need to hire developers. All you need is a vision and someone like a project manager to add the customers content to their custom app.

Work with your customer

AppMachine also offers you a way to have your customers manage a part of their app’s content, so they can change their information and data. Your client logs in to the desktop web version of the app, change the content or send push messages to their app users. Customers will have to contact you for changes in style, blocks, or adding features.

White label mobile app reseller 

Want to build your own mobile app business? With the AppMachine white label app solutions you can build any mobile app your customer wants! Did you know that 90% of mobile phone time is now devoted to using apps? As a white-label app reseller, you can maximize on this trend to increase your profits while helping your clients meet their customers’ digital needs.

Build mobile apps for a specific niche market and become good at selling your app idea. It’s cost efficiency to the max: build one generic app and sell it to a lot of the same types of businesses or organization. Duplicate your app, change the styling and the content and you have another satisfied customer. This is custom app development to the max!

Custom app development

You can extend your white label mobile app with custom code to start your own custom app development business. Extend the app you build with the building blocks from AppMachine with your own JavaScript code to add your own code to you own app.

This way you add your own value to your white label app and you can charge your customer even more.

” The app building platform AppMachine makes my custom app development even more profitable because it helps me focus on my customer and their specific wishes. “


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