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Koffie in de Bakkerij

Relive old times and enjoy delicious chocolate, authentic local cookies with your coffee or delicious ice cream from an Italian recipe.

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Welcoming customers with an overview of the menu and the team that will welcome them. That’s what we call a warm welcome. Koffie in de Bakkerij offers coupons and their menu in their app so that customers can already choose what they’d like to drink or eat.

Koffie in de bakkerij

Coffee awarded with 9 stars!

Enjoy delicious coffee, fresh artisan ice cream and the most delicious 'Gluten-free' chocolate. The coffee is made with a lot of love and passion for fresh coffee beans; and you can really taste that! In a Dutch National Coffee Test (Koffietest AD), the coffee was awarded 9 stars out of 10 and a 9th place!

Artisan ice cream

Ice cream maker Ramon prepares the ice in a traditional way following a secret old Italian recipe. The ice is maded of real fruits and yoghurt from the farmland. Choose your own favorite coffee flavour and enjoy your coffee with a delicious home made apple pie or brownie. The brownies are gluten-free and available in 6 different variants.

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