Become an expert App developer with AppMachine's Academy videos.


Learn how you can easily manage the contents of your app using static data or dynamic data from tables.

Add Products to your app

How to add products to your app in a few steps: Add a block, Choose Products, Add your products and images and you have your products shown in your app.

Add data to your app with tables

How to add a new table with fields and data to your AppMachine app. AppMachine automatically adds a list and detail screen to your app.

Connect your app to Google Sheets

How to connect a Google Sheet to your AppMachine app to quickly populate your app. The screens to show the information are created on the fly.

Style your app

Learn how to change the complete look and feel of your app with just a few settings, or dive in deeper to explore design overrides available for every screen.

Publish your app

Ready to get real? Learn how to publish your app as a native app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Manage Apple App Store info

Before you can publish your app in the Apple App Store, you need to enter your Store information to make your app look good in the Apple App Store.

After Publish

After your app is published, you can send push messages, watch your stats and share your app with your customers.

Configure and Send Push Messages

When your app is live, you can send push messages. We show how you can create an Apple Push certificate to also send push messages to your iPhone users.