How to make an app – Quick start

Creating an App

After creating an account at AppMachine you can get started right away and please, have fun! Experiment! Discover everything that AppMachine has to offer.

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Adding content to your app

Making your own app is easy with AppMachine software! The first step is to crawl your website, the second step is to fill your app with...

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There are 3 ways to influence the design of your app. It's time to make your app look beautiful! Changing the colors, background images, top images and icons...

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If you think your app is ready to be published to the app stores, you have to take a few steps. It takes about 24 hours to publish for Android, and 5-10...

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Promote and Update your app

Here are some tips to update and promote your app. Once your app is published you really want to keep your app's users up to date with the latest...

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Be part of the AppMachine community

Ask any questions or help others in the AppMachine Community by answering their questions.

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