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AppMachine makes it possible to (re)build apps in hours and can help you have your app live within a week

The alternative for Bizness Apps

App building should be easy and accesible for a wide range of people. With AppMachine you can build beautifull apps via default and custom building blocks. You'll be able to build or rebuild your apps in hours. Get rid of long projects and have your app live within a week.

You can build apps for yourself or with the Whitelabel CMS you'll be able to build apps for your clients as well.

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Resellers have the opportunity to join our exclusive 30-day Reseller Coaching Program. In the program, you have the opportunity to work together with multiple industry experts to help you build beautiful best of class applications.

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Reseller Coaching Program

AppMachine comparison to Bizness Apps

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Check out some reviews of a few of our thousands of satisfied app builders.

"Using AppMachine as our app-building platform gave us the chance to build apps for our clients without having to extend our team,” says MyArk Andy Kirkham, company director of Chapelcroft ltd


Thank you, please pass on that I really like your CMS for the app building, and the support has been great. We are doing another app for another client and plan to convert to a partner account.


I am very satisfied; a great app builder. Very clear user interface and very customisable. Before I found AppMachine, I spent about three days with other app builders, but they didn’t meet my expectations.