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Appmark’s Mobile Apps - A Natural Progression From Website Development  


Appmark LLC was originally registered in the USA but moved to Thailand shortly after registration. Today most of its clients are in the USA and Australia, but Appmark has done some projects in Europe as well. 

Appmark started off as a WordPress website design and development company. Mobile app development was a natural next step for the organization, and its clients clearly approved - they were, in fact, already looking for such a service. These days most businesses also want a mobile app presence, but many find the development process difficult. This is where Appmark comes in. 

We recently interviewed Mark Cramer, the owner of Appmark, and gained some interesting insights. 

According to Mark, “Mobile apps give businesses the ability to reach out with offers and information direct to the clients’ customers’ devices. Companies no longer have to depend on email marketing or Google ads to acquire new customers or for customers to visit their websites. Basically, having a mobile app completes the marketing circle.”

Appmark Provides a Full Service#

According to Mark, the company’s mission is to strive to provide web and app solutions to small and medium businesses as well as assistance to AppMachine clients in completing their projects when they hit obstacles.

Whatever stage a company is at in terms of its mobile app development, Appmark can help. “Most of our work is fixing poorly designed or maintained websites and developing AppMachine apps with anything from full made-to-order development to training on the AppMachine platform for those who wish to design their own apps,” says Mark. 

Appmark’s clients come to them because they lack the knowledge or time to complete their own AppMachine app, so they want Appmark to build it from scratch or help complete what they have already started. 

Says Mark: “We suggest solutions based on what we know the platform can do, and in some cases, we have even learned to expand the AppMachine platform’s capabilities beyond what is offered ‘out of the box,’ so to speak.”

Although Appmark offers bespoke design using all of the AppMachine features from inception to completion and a published product, it appears they are very flexible when it comes to the app development process. Clients’ involvement in the development process varies according to their preferences and needs. 

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Appmark as a Mobile App Reseller #

Appmark uses the AppMachine platform exclusively to resell mobile apps. Mark recalls that they tested eight or nine mobile app development platforms before deciding to partner exclusively with AppMachine. “At the time we originally signed on with AppMachine, they were by far the best choice, and I never looked back as our relationship grew over time. All AppMachine team members are always helpful and responsive.”

Appmark did sample runs with about three to four other mobile app development platforms, but these proved to be not nearly as flexible or powerful as AppMachine. Says Mark: “Especially with the ability to use web services which we have used on many apps over the years.” 

When asked if Appmark ever developed mobile apps from scratch, Mark replied: “No, and I still would not consider myself a developer; I am more of a designer and problem solver. AppMachine allows me to offer products I could not have developed alone and also to learn things I would never have learned quite this easily.”

To Appmark, Appmachine’s value lies in the broad functionality and design options on offer. “And after publishing, ongoing income for what we term ‘hosting and maintenance,’” added Mark. 

I asked Mark what AppMachine features he values most when building apps for his customers. “The option to create our own functionality within the screen or use blank blocks and truly customize the design and navigation to a great degree.”

Customize your screens into every detail

Appmark’s Clients#

The mobile apps Appmark have developed run the full gamut from sports team apps, to restaurant chain apps, to government labor unions and even coffee delivery trucks. Its largest client is a tourism-related marketing company. 

Appmark has built around 60 mobile apps for its diverse client base, which includes small businesses, medium-sized organizations, and large companies. And most of these clients have been referrals. 

According to Mark, the main reasons their customers are looking to use apps are more marketing potential and engagement.

When asked how an app helps a client with their business, community, event, etc. Mark replied, “Some of our apps help clients sell tickets. Some inform the clients of news or changes to their employment issues. Some inform clients’ customers about delivery or arrival of service. Some allow the client to sell advertising space on their apps and market multiple businesses that pay the client to be on their apps.”

I asked Mark if pricing is ever an issue for his clients. “Of course, price is always an issue, and about 10-15% just walk away after they realize the costs involved. But most have already done their research on costs, and they move forward.”

With regard to profits and ongoing income, Appmark recently acquired a professional soccer team in the USA as a client. Appmark also developed a series of six apps (with more coming soon) for a travel marketing company focused on all Caribbean island hotel and food and beverage industries.

Tourism app build with AppMachine

In Closing#

As an AppMachine reseller, Appmark benefits by allowing it to offer a product that the company could not develop on its own. And AppMachine also provides support when things don’t go as planned. This allows Appmark to generate ongoing income of various levels depending on each individual client’s needs. 

I asked Mark if he would recommend AppMachine to other resellers or app builders and why. “Definitely. If you have some coding knowledge and the desire to learn, you can generate a modest income and have some fun building apps as well!” 

When I asked Mark if he had any advice or tips for other resellers or web agencies that want to start building apps for clients, he was very clear about the answer: “Always be clear about the total costs and time involved as well as the ongoing costs and make sure you have a detailed and concise contract in place before you perform any work. Deposits are a must, as well as progress payments. Basically, know what you are talking about or learn what you don’t know before you enter into any agreements.” 

If you need help building your app with AppMachine because you are too busy with running your own business? You can always ask Appmark to help you build your app.

App Home Screen

You Too Can Sell Apps to Your Customers#

So now you know how Appmark is able to build apps for its customers. You can also become a reseller, just like them, because with AppMachine you can start immediately. No need to learn coding skills, no need to invest in new hires, and no high-end design skills are required. 

Start with a template. With the help of our clear and concise support documentation and our very skilled support team, you will be able to create your app in a matter of days. Our support team has helped thousands of customers to build their apps and get them published in the app stores. They can help you every step of the way. 

If you have an app idea, or if you know a lot of businesses in a specific market, start by creating one app for one of your clients and try it out. Start just like AppMark did, and let’s see what your app revenue will be in three months!

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