All the features you need to personalise your app

Your information, your data, your styling, your app!

Change design from high till detailed level

Turn your data into an app

Use our table templates to quickly start adding your own data or start with a clean slate and create your own database.

Add fields, add data & images and your app will automatically show your information.

Read more how to add data to your app or watch the video

Manage your data within AppMachine

Google Sheets

Connect with an existing Google Sheet to import data in your ap. The data is kept in sync between your sheet and your app.

Build an internal facing business app and let your employees manage the data on the road using your app.

⁠Read more how to build your app using Google sheets.

Connect Google Sheets

Web Services

Show information from external web services using REST API. Add your GET, PUT, POST and DELETE calls to make an interactive application.

Read more how to add webservices to your app.

Connect your web service to manage data in your app

Style your app anyway you want

Tweak your screens


With a few simple tweaks you can make your app look wonderful. Set your color theme to quickly style your complete app.

Use one of our many templates: sliding menu, tab bar, icon menu and many more give your app it’s own character.

Set the colors for your theme

Drag and drop screen editor

Use simple editing to show the data the way you want it. Define the way your lists and detail screens look with a few simple clicks. AppMachine will make sure it looks perfect. We even give you a few predefined layouts for every screen.

Drag and drop screen editor

Advanced screen editing

Change every detail with all the elements you need: buttons, text fields, forms and images. Use our element editor to connect with the data in your app.

With drag and drop you can edit your screens even more

And there is more…

Logic: Add your own actions

User login: Know your customers

User roles: Show data based on roles

Push notifications: Send messages to reach your users directly

Features you can add to your app

Start building your app