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All the features you need to build apps for your clients.
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Build apps for your customers

Start or boost your mobile app business and start selling white label apps. With our app creation platform you can build apps for your customers and you don’t need any coding skills!

We offer you the tools to build apps fast – you focus on the content and your clients.

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AppMachine's drag and drop builder

White label app builder

All the tools you need to create, style and brand your white label app. With our user-friendly drag and drop interface you can build apps in a fraction of the time.

Your apps are white labeled, without any branding of AppMachine in the app. Your customers won’t know that you have build it using an app building platform to cut development costs.

Mobile website

Your application can be published to the web with just one click.

Your application can be published to the web with just one click. Connect your own domain and your client can take a look.


Native app for iOS and Android

No in-house knowledge required to upload your app to the Google Play store and Apple App store. That’s included in your subscription. We bring our 10+ years of experience with the App Stores Guidelines to help you to get your app approved with tips and guidance.

Custom development

Add your own functionality or services for your users. Use our JavaScript functionality to add your own code or integrate with your customers web services to add their product listings from another source.

Benefits of using our app builder

The AppMachine team

Our team = your team

Extend your team with our developers. Our team is constantly working on new features without any additional cost for you. Our developers will also make sure your app stays compliant with the changing requirements from browsers and App Stores.

Ease of use

With our preconfigured blocks and drag and drop builder, you will be able to create and manage your app without the need of acquiring coding skills or developers in a fraction of the time and money.

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Support at your service

Our support desk and developers will be at your service to help you with any technological advice.

Building two apps or more?

Choose a plan with 5 or 30 apps and start selling apps right away. It has never been easier to start or extend your business selling apps!

Billed annually
Billed monthly
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With our Business plans you can build a large amount of apps. You decide what to charge your clients. As a mobile app reseller you can make building apps profitable because you don’t need to hire a full development team.

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You focus on content and design of your white label mobile apps, we take care of the technology. With your knowledge of the market you can sell apps to any customer without the need of hiring developers.


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Work with your customer

AppMachine also offers you a way to have your customers manage a limited part of the content of their app. You give your clients write access to certain parts of their information, blocks or datatables. Your client logs in into the desktop web version of the app itself and can change the content.