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White label CMS, Previewer, Marketing materials  and Development insights! Starts at €10 per app.

Building two apps or more?
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Choose the a bundle with 3 apps or 30 apps and start selling apps right away. It has never been easier to start or extend your business selling apps!

Why start your own app business? Your client wants a mobile presence!

There are so many businesses out there that need or want a mobile presence urgently. You could be the one to provide it.

68% of SMBs believe having a mobile app would help them sell more and engage better with their customers. However, 78% do not have a mobile solution or mobile app for their business.

A game changer? Much more than that! AppMachine changed my whole life. “I’m now living off selling apps completely. It’s a fantastic job and a great monthly income.

Kezio Bertori, reseller since 2014

For whom? For you!

Start your own app company today or extend your (web or design) business selling apps. All you need is a passion, some sales skills, a bit of creativity, a small professional network to start with and an AppMachine Reseller Bundle.

Depending on your skill level, AppMachine offers a basic and advanced mode. Designers can modify pixel-level design details including image, padding, hex color codes and icon navigation. Advanced developers can even write their own JavaScript and connect to web services to create unique functional blocks of their own.

You don’t have to be a developer to start your own app business with AppMachine’s intuitive and user friendly software.

White Label CMS + White label Previewer

Use the White Label App Previewer for Android to allow customers to look on as you’re building the app. All visible references to AppMachine will be removed in published apps.

Your clients can manage parts of their apps themselves: edit information in the app, send push messages and track analytics.

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Our website and app building platform will feature you as an AppMachine reseller for your country. This will deliver leads in your region. Clients with little time or patience can hire you with a few simple clicks.

Curious to see what this looks like? Or looking for a Reseller to help you with your app? Find our Reseller list here.

Reseller support

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager, a higher priority for your support tickets and excellent phone support from our help desk.

The Frequently asked questions about becoming reseller are bundled here.