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Showcase products, share coupon codes, show opening hours and even show videos, or create a private employee portal.

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Business App - Product List

Build your small business app#

This template is ideal for small businesses. It allows them to create their own mobile app to inform, engage and connect with customers, clients or employees via their mobile device.

A business app can provide a variation of information about your business. This includes opening hours, employees, discounts, or a bit of history. You can also share pictures of your products and services.

Key features for customers#

Create mobile apps to show off your products or videos, share promotional materials or brochures, send push notifications about important events or share discount codes with loyal users for more engagement.

Deliver new and targeted updates in real-time. Reach out to your app users at the right time. No matter where they are.

In-company features#

Make all relevant resources available for your employees with a single click, even in offline mode. Your app can support your small business needs with powerful functionality without writing a single line of code.

You control the content or let your employees update data via a form which will help your company save time. When they are on the road, they can use their iphone, ipad or android device to send data secure to your cloud via the mobile app.

Share your web app or publish in app store#

Publish your mobile applications as web apps, ios apps or android apps without having any developers on your team.

You can even add third party integrations easily without any programming skills.

Use this template to build your own app

Business App - Product List
Business App - Product Details
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