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Extend your religious community with an app

Use your app to digitally connect your community. Share all the relevant information, send push messages and let your app users join your community

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Connected at all times#

Stay connected with your community at all times. A mobile app allows you to share news, and information. Your calendar with important meetings, but also photos and videos of important events can be published in your app.

Community members will be able to listen in from their homes. Even if they are not able to attend events physically in real time, you can simply stream your event. They only need to open your app to have access.

Give and take, share and receive#

Provide your community members with the option and opportunity to give in a way that makes them feel most comfortable. There are many ways in which sharing can help both individuals and the commuity as a whole. With an app you can create a platform for sharing. Be it with labor, thoughts and prayer, facilitation, goods, or financial aid.

Available at all times#

Connecting your community with an app makes it easier to give everyone the help they need, when they need it.  It doesn’t matter what type of mobile devices your users have. You can simply design one app with the AppMachine app development platform and get it published to the Apple App Store and Google Play store in one go. 

For your users that don’t want to download an app from the app stores, you can simply publish your app as a web app. This way, anyone can visit your app on any device with an internet connection, simply by using their internet browser.

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