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Turn your Google Sheets into an app

Got a Google sheet laying around that’s eager to be turned into an app? We’ve got you covered!

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Turn your data into an amazing app#

Got a Google sheet laying around that’s eager to be turned into an app? We’ve got you covered! With AppMachine you can turn your data into an amazing app. It doesn’t matter what information you have stored in your spreadsheet, products, events, people, books, movies, you name it! Just connect your sheet to your AppMachine app, and you can easily create screens to list your data. But there is more…

Edit and show your data#

Data obtained from a Google sheet is kept in sync automatically. This means that any change made to the sheet, or to the data in the app will be synchronized to ensure it’s the same on both ends. Without any effort. Want to give the users of your app the power to not only view, but also change your Google sheet data? This is easily achieved by adding a data form to your app and linking it to your data. Data changed or created by your app users will be synced back to your Google Sheet so your data will always be up to date.

Create your google sheet app#

Build your Google Sheets app in a few simple steps. Copy this template, switch to the data view, add a new Google Sheets data table, connect to your Google account and select the sheets you want to use. 

After you’ve successfully linked your app to your sheet, you can add a list and a detail block, which will retrieve the data and transform it into screens for your app instantly. Don’t like the first style you see? No worries. Our blocks come with several out of the box styles. You can switch between styles and see the effects immediately. Use the app theme function to style your app however you want. If you want to dive in deeper, just switch to the Element editor and you can change every card, button or label on a screen, just the way you want it.

Once you’re done, you can share your app on the internet as a Web App, or publish your App to the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Build your own app using Google sheets

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