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Mobile app for schools

Connect your school to teachers, parents and students.

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School App - Welcome

Mobile apps for schools#

You can use a mobile app for your school as a central hub to connect teachers and parents. From primary education to university, things are easier with an app. 

Share information with parents, teachers and if your students are older. You can even use your school app as the main tool to share information with your students.

It doesn’t matter what type of mobile devices are used. You can create your school app with the AppMachine app development platform and make it available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store or on the web.

Communicate with parents#

Use your school app to inform parents about the most important things at school. Share your vision on education, rules at school, but also the weekly schedule and vacations.

Do you have important messages to share? Send a push message, e.g. when a teacher is sick, so you can be sure everyone is aware of a changed schedule.

Want to get parents to be part of your community? Need parents to take part in projects at school or get their help to organize activities? Use an app!

Safe Interactive platform#

You can share all kinds of content within your app safely. Protect your information from prying eyes, using a login function. This way you can make sure only the right people have access. 

Our developers have taken care of data security, so you don’t have to worry about that. All information is encrypted and only visible of authorized users.

Your mobile application can also be made interactive when you add forms. E.g. you can add a Special Leave form. This allows parents to send in their requests for days off digitally.

Start building your app with this template

School App - Welcome
School App - Absence Form
School App - Contact Information