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Boost tourism in your area

Every town can use an app that helps inform visitors and residents. Create a tourist app for your area with this template.

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Tourism App - Site Information

Create a Tourism App#

Every town can use an app that helps inform visitors and residents on things to do, to see or to experience in the area. A good tourism app includes a list of great sites to visit (i.e. Points of Interest), shops to go to and recommendations of places that serve amazing food.

If the app is a success, you can even sell promotions through the app and get shops and restaurants to pay you to be listed more prominently.

With a tourism app you can help visitors in every phase of the travel planning process: Accommodations, tickets, and vehicle booking, scheduling places to visit and mapping routes to travel, all can be included in one app.

An experience your visitors deserve#

Give your visitors all the information they need, up to date in one place: Show places to stay, museums to visit, show must see points of interest and recommend restaurants where they can enjoy some great food.

Show them on a map, so your visitors can get the route to the location with one click. This tourism app will help you boost the economy of your area! Every visitor is aching for that promotion, that cultural event they can join without spending too much.

Your app can provide key information for them to spend their time in the most efficient way, while making the most of their stay.

Boost tourism in your area!#

Even if users have no connection to the internet during their travels, your information will still be available to them with our offline mode. Our app creation platform has this functionality available for you out of the box.

Start building your own app with this template

Tourism App - Site Information
Tourism App - FAQ
Tourism App - Food Menu