How to create an app

Easily add content to your app

Use Google My Business as your base

Use the information connected to your GMB as a springboard to create apps for iOS and Android. Or build your app entirely from scratch.

Add New Building Blocks

Use all of our 30+ blocks to make your app as interesting as possible. Add content. Sell products, show data and inform clients.

View All Changes Live

View your changes live on your smartphone while you are building. Or use the browser simulator on your computer.

Design Your App

Design & style your app with ease and elegance

Easy Styling Of Apps

Choose a template or change any pixel you want. Modify all color settings to give your app a stunning look & feel.

Change Every Image

Change every image or even buttons using our pre-cut Photoshop template. Or have your app designed by a Pro.

Navigation Templates

Choose  from our 15 navigation templates: Sliding menu, tab bar, icon menu and many more.

Import Customer Lists or Product Catalogs

Use our Pro version with Excel or web services to develop your app.

Import Excel Data

Import Excel files and create pages with drag and drop simplicity. Use the Checkout block to make your app an e-commerce revenue center.

Connect Web Services

Use XML, JSON or REST API calls to bring web services to your app. Use GET or POST webservices so users can add data.

Design Your Own Layout

Use our built in Layout Manager to quickly give your lists a custom look and feel. Use default layouts or drag and drop your own.

Publish Your App With Ease

Native and cross-platform app making

Publish Native Apps

Publish one app in the app stores and get an app that works on iPhone and Android.  The AppMachine app builder delivers Native apps to give your users the best experience.

We Submit Your App

Fill in all the App Store information and we take care of the rest. AppMachine submits your apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We check your app upfront to guarantee a fast Apple approval.

Analyze And Take Action

Powerful analytics at your disposal

Your Own Dashboard

AppMachine comes with a single-view dashboard to track and analyze your app’s usage data.  Drill down into any graphic to find out exactly what your users are doing with your app.

Advanced Analytics

If you use Google Analytics to gather web stats, you can use that and link it to your app. It’s useful having them side-by-side. AppMachine’s statistics are considerably more detailed.

Promote Your app

Get more downloads

App Site To Promote Your App

AppMachine provides all published apps with a free app site to easily market and promote your app. Anyone who uses it on their smartphone can download your app directly from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

QR-code to make downloads easy

We’ll also give you a QR code, which you can link to promotional material that allows everyone to download the app directly. This lowers every threshold and makes the download as easy as possible.

Fast, no-code App Builder

Create your own app or become a reseller and build apps for others.