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Showcase products, share coupon codes, show opening hours and even show videos, or create a private employee portal.

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Every event needs an app

Organizing a conference, or an event for your business? A mobile event app has all the key features you are looking for to make your event an even bigger sucess: Share schedule, speakers, session and exhibition info using preconfigured blocks.

Show brochures as PDFs or include detailed information as webpages, and showcase session videos via YouTube.  Manage the data from within AppMachine or connect to external sources like Google Sheets or your own web services. Simply pick the option that suits you best.

With the user module, you can let your registered visitors login on the app to make specific content only available to them.

This way you can keep your attendees engaged, informed and connected.

Real Time Content in your own app

Deliver new and targeted updates in real-time. Ensure attendees are kept up-to-date with the latest information and resources available, all in one place.

You can send push notifications to keep every visitor posted on last minute changes. Reach out to and connect with your attendees at any time. No matter where they are.

The app building process doesn’t stop when you have published your android app or ios app to the app stores. It’s easy to update your app, and with dynamic content updates, publishing a new version is quick and painless.

Partnerships and Sponsors

With the option to create a free user account, you can increase attendee engagement. Let your visitors favorite the workshops they would like to attend, or share workshops they like with others. It will give you up front information about the popularity of the event. By sharing your event data on social media, your visitors do the marketing for you!

With in-app sponsorships you can get your exhibitors to pay for additional promotions and visibility in your app. Being prominently placed in your app will provide great exposure for your partners, whilst generating additional revenue for you. 

With the AppMachine app builder, you gain complete control over how your next event will be perceived by its attendees.