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AppMachine Launches Flutter Publishing for you


It’s finally here; our new publishing flow! We have been rebuilding our publishing functionality for the past three months and we’re happy to announce that it is available for new apps. Using this new publishing flow also means that the new Flutter version of your app will be published to the app stores.

Why is this new publishing flow so important?

Your app publishing is now much easier

1. The Apple App Store publishing flow now uses Apple App Store Connect APIs#

The following improvements are now available by leveraging the the functionality provided by App Store Connect:

  • Improved reliability by using the latest Apple Publishing methods.
  • The status of your app is updated automatically in our system
  • If there are issues uploading your app, the screens in AppMachine will show you in much more detail what the problem is, so you should be able to fix the issues yourself, instead of needing to contact the Support team.

2. The Google Play Store flow uses AAB files#

When building your app for the Google Play Store an AAB file is generated. This file prepares your app for easy publication to the Google Play store.

3. You now publish a Flutter Application#

Flutter enhances your app with new possibilities. Your app style is greatly improved using Flutter with simpler and more scalable buttons, menu’s and advanced controls. Flutter also makes it easy to publish your app to several platforms, both native and web based.

4. It opens the door for new improvements#

We have a lot of improvements coming up in the next few months. These improvements require your app to be built with Flutter.

Once you start the new publishing flow, we guide you through the whole process with tips and tricks. Besides this, we have written several articles explaining every step of the process for both the Apple App Store flow and the Google Play Store flow.

For now, the new flow is only available for new apps which haven’t been uploaded to the App Stores yet. Next month in July, the new publishing will also become available for existing AppMachine apps. If you want to know for sure your app can already be published with the new Flutter flow, please check this article.

No need to wait, just dive in and get that new flutter app at https://design.appmachine.com

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