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How to Get an App in the App Store


What do you believe is the hardest part of publishing an app?

Research? Development? Design?

While each of these processes certainly comes with its own unique challenges, there’s one step that’s a lot more challenging than many business owners account for…

Getting your app into the app store.

Find out how to get your app on the app store with this useful guide from AppMachine

The Difficulty of Publishing an App

Convincing Apple that you’ve created a reliable and functional app is no easy task. It can take time before you finally get the green light.


Well, at the end of the day, it’s Apple’s responsibility to manage the digital marketplace they’ve built. Every app that gets sold through them needs to be quality checked, or it reflects badly on them.

That’s not all.

As expected, Apple is eager not to be complacent in fraudulent activity. Therefore, they’ve dedicated themselves to checking the safety and security of each mobile app before allowing it to be downloaded.

How to Get an App Ready for the App Store

When you are finally ready to launch your app, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with a mix of emotions.

You’ll be relieved that you’ve completed your project but frustrated to discover that publishing an app isn’t as easy as you’d otherwise assumed.

Thankfully, the solution is simple. To launch iOS apps, all you’ll need to do is:

  1. Register for the Apple Developer Program. This article explains in detail how to create an Apple developer account. 
  2. Create a detailed product description for the App Store.
  3. Take screenshots of your app and its features.
  4. Upload the app and wait for approval.

Even if you’ve outsourced the design and execution of your app, it’s important that you (as the owner) have control over your listing and click the “publish” button yourself.

This way, you can adjust the screenshots attached with each update to the design and add new features in the description to convince customers to make that all-important download.

The Complications of Getting an App in the App Store

However, the App Store publishing process does need to come with a warning…

The last thing you want to do is promote your app and build hype, only for there to be a delay in its approval.

Therefore, you need to consider this wait in your launch strategy. It could take a few mere hours. It could take weeks.

In the worst-case scenario, it might be rejected altogether.

As it stands, 14% of App Store rejections are because of the lack of information that was provided to the reviewer. To succeed, be sure to provide as much information as possible.

Any apps that are uploaded without a detailed and clear description are going to be flagged as suspicious. By taking your time and putting a lot of thought into the imagery and copy that accompany your app upload, you can almost guarantee success.

However, this isn’t a plan without its flaws. Truthfully, iOS apps can also be rejected because of:

  • quality issues
  • privacy problems
  • poor performances
  • unusable navigation
  • duplication errors

This means that, if you want to get an app in the App Store, you need to build a unique and functional platform that’s fit for purpose.

The Solution to Get an App in the App Store

Even if you have:

  • a low budget…
  • zero digital skills…
  • very little time…

There’s no reason you can’t create a high-quality mobile app that will quickly be approved.

Through no-code and low-code builders (there are hundreds out there), you can make the most of pre-built templates that are already expertly coded.

From there, you’ll be able to make the relevant adjustments and customise the visuals to your needs.

This is an effective yet surprisingly simple way of ticking Apple’s boxes without compromise.

Should you choose to work with a reputable developer like AppMachine, you’ll be able to easily build native iOS apps that are perfect for App Store publishing – supported by our guidance along the way. AppMachine will make sure poor performances, unusable navigation or duplication errors won’t be part of your app!

The Ways Publishing an App Can Enhance Your Business

Are repeat purchases a critical part of your business? Do they save you from desperately scrambling after new leads simply trying to stay afloat?

If you’re like the majority of other companies across the world, customer loyalty will be one of your strongest assets. Don’t ignore it.

Mobile apps allow you to control your buyer journey and tap into a whole new world of potential. By sending push notifications and email reminders, you’ll be able to chase sales and remind people of your existence.

Through the actionable data collected by your app, you’ll be able to target product promotions and encourage add-ons. Before you know it, simply by publishing an app, you’ll be generating more revenue and increasing the lifetime value of your current consumers.

Your profit margin (and your shareholders) will thank you.

App Store Publishing – FAQs

The iOS publishing procedure is a weird one. Before it goes live, your app requires approval from an Apple employee.

This makes it imperative that you design something that is suitable for general use and can be understood by the masses. Does that make sense?

If you still have questions about publishing an app, perhaps these FAQs can offer more guidance.

How much does it cost to publish an iOS app?
How do I publish to the Apple store?
How long does it take to publish an app on the Apple store?
How do I publish an iOS app?
Is it hard to publish an iOS app?

How to Get an App in the App Store with AppMachine

When you need a quality app that’ll be approved by Apple, you shouldn’t trust development to just anyone.

Through our no-code app builder, you can create the platform you want for the purpose you need all by yourself. No extra input required.

Our mobile app templates simplify the process of designing a functional and useful iOS app that will generate results for your business. Plus, our flutter publishing scheme will increase your chances of getting the final approval you need to go live.
And another benefit is that you can publish your app in the Google Play Store with just a little bit additional effort.

To find out more, check out our product or get in contact today.

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