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New publishing flow - (update 2023: Now open for everyone)


UPDATE – September 2022#

We are very grateful for the amount of customers who responded to our request to test the new publishing flow. Since June we had a large group of customers testing the new flow and since August the new publishing flow is available for most of our customers.

The Beta is now officially finished and the new functionality is officially opened for all of our customers! Anyone who publishes their app will get the choice to publish their app via Flutter. 

There are a few apps which will not be shown the option to publish via the new publishing flow: 

Customers who have a loyalty card or Javascript block in their app are currently still blocked from using the Flutter app, because we have not been able to finish those features in the new Flutter app yet. Our team is working very hard to make that available for you.
If you want to use the new publishing flow, you will need to disable those blocks and click the Publish button again.

If you have multilingual activated in your app, you can contact support@appmachine.com . We will give you advice on how you can start using the new Flutter app publishing. 

Apps who are currently in Apple’s  B2B or Enterprise program. We are finishing the QA process for these apps to make sure the upload process works like it should. We think we can have this functionality around mid November.

Original Post – July 2022#

As you might have read on our social media, we are working on a new way of publishing. Our first app has been approved so you could say we’ve got everything working so far. But there is more testing to be done and that’s where we would love your help! 

We are looking for customers who want to be the first to try out our new publishing flow. If you are planning to publish a new app before July 1st, 2022, and you want to be one of the first to use our brand new Flutter-based apps, please let us know!

We will reward you with a 40% discount on your first year, that’s on both a new monthly or a new annual subscription!

Publish your app with the new flow

Testing will have to be done with apps that have not yet been published. So do you have an unpublished app and want to receive a coupon for 40% off on your new monthly or annual subscription? Please let us know at support@appmachine.com.

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