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Introducing the new AppMachine – step by step


In case you haven’t noticed: AppMachine is evolving into a competitive no coding app building platform.

In the past year we have made a lot of improvements and changes to the AppMachine.

New App dashboard and login#

Exactly one year ago we started with changing the way you login to the designer by improving the security of our platform. In the past month we also added a verification email, to make sure that no one else is using your email address In April 2022 we launched our new dashboard  which has been recreated from the ground up, and comes with a lot of improvements, making it much faster and easier to navigate.

Improved app publishing#

In June we launched the newly build app publishing process which uses te Apple App store’s APIs which allows for automated app publishing. Our new publish wizard is much more clear and userfriendly. Whenever you trigger a new app publish for the app stores, your app will be checked to make sure your app details are in line with all of the app store requirements. The huge benefit for you is that your app won’t get uploaded when we detect that the app store will reject your app. In that case, our user friendly wizard will explain you what you need to change before you can publish your app again. With this new wizard you have a much bigger chance that your app will be approved at once.

Your app is complete checked before it is uploaded to the App Stores

New technology for mobile apps#

With the new app publishing we also launched a new version of our app with the newest technology which is available now for mobile apps: Flutter. Flutter’s code reusability us you to write in one codebase and use it mobile Android and iOS but even for web, tablet and desktop. This cuts our development time significantly, removes cost and enables us to launch new features much faster.

New Android Previewer#

The app previewer in the Google Play Store is also updated  with the new flutter technology, so you can  preview your app also on your android device before you publish your app via the Play Store Connect. This means that, next to previewing your app in the AppMachine designer, you can also see how your app works native on an Android device. Don’t worry if you don’t have an Android, because of the Flutter technology the app you see in the AppMachine designer works exactly the same as your app will work on an iPhone or an Android device.

AppMachine Previewer in the Google Play Store

What’s next?#

And.. what’s next? We can only give you a small hint of what is cooking in our developent kitchen: we are at the verge of releasing our new push messages system, working on a Progressive Web App version of your app ( PWA) for our existing customers and adding additional monetization options for you in your apps and much more.. We will be sure to update you when a new feature is released.

New AppMachine App Builder

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