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Keeping up with Apple and Google

AppMachine News, New Features  Liz Bollema 30 Jul 2021

General Data Protection Regulation

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 17 May 2018

What is the GDPR?

SUMMER SALE! Get 50% off this week

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 6 Jul 2017

The weather is getting better. The sun is shining. It’s the 4th of July…

New new new! Time to monetize and add User Groups

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 30 Mar 2017

New, new, new and wow! Do we sound excited? We do with good reasons cause there are lots of new features for your apps.... Read more

Get 60% off all new apps until the 23rd of February

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 16 Feb 2017

Six years already… time flies when you’re having fun. Cheesy but true!... Read more

New Features, New Functionalities

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 23 Jan 2017

We are happy to announce awesome new features, new functionalities and 9 new and stylish icon sets.... Read more

Apple Store Winter Holiday Schedule

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Liz Bollema 20 Dec 2016

As a reminder: the Apple App Store will not be accepting new apps or app update submissions from December 23 to 27 (Pacific Time).... Read more

AppMachine to discontinue Windows Phone Support

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 15 Sep 2016

In July 2014, AppMachine released Windows Phone 8 support to its users. However, due to recent changes in Microsoft’s policies, AppMachine has decided to discontinue Windows Phone support. ... Read more

Get Your Summer Sale Discount Now

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 5 Jul 2016

We’re giving you 50% off a yearly app subscription this week.

New Advertising Feature For All Apps

AppMachine News, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 11 Apr 2016

Of all our latest improvements, the new advertising feature is the one you were waiting for. Monetize your apps with eye-catching adds in the top image.... Read more

New Features And Improvements

AppMachine News, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 11 Apr 2016

Explore the new features and major enhancements of the AppMachine April update: new advertising possibilities and lots of other stuff that makes your app life a lot smoother.... Read more

40% Easter discount

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 24 Mar 2016

This weekend we give a 40% off on all annual app subscriptions… but not just like that.... Read more

A Big Hooray For 5 Years of AppMachine

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 8 Mar 2016

A big hooray for AppMachine as we celebrate our 5th anniversary! Normally we’re not into self-congratulation, but hey, we have grown from a small start-up in 2011 to one of the world’s leading mobile app platforms in 2016!... Read more

AppMachine Software Products

AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 27 Feb 2016

We started off with AppMachine, which allows everyone to build native apps; nowadays we offer a complete range of DIY software for SMB’s.... Read more

Get Better Deals With The Reseller Bundles

AppMachine News, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 15 Oct 2015

AppMachine introduces a new pricing model for resellers: the Reseller Bundles. Resellers now buy a bundle of apps for a fixed price which makes app building and becoming a Reseller even more beneficial.... Read more

Dutch Queen Máxima Visits AppMachine

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 7 Jul 2015

Her Majesty Queen Máxima of The Netherlands visited AppMachine on July the 7th. It was a fruitful visit since the Queen made an app for the Oranje Fonds, the largest social welfare foundation in the Netherlands.... Read more

SMBs Get Sneak Peek Of Mobile Future at SXSW

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 11 Mar 2015

America’s SMBs will get the first sneak peek of their mobile future at SXWS Interactive 2015. AppMachine partner Endurance International Group is the official sponsor and host of Upload/Download Happy Hour of SXWS and will unveil the first signs of Endurance’s exciting new mobile

AppMachine Gets $15.2 Million Investment From Endurance

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 24 Feb 2015

AppMachine has partnered up with Endurance International Group, a leading provider of cloud-based platform solutions. Endurance acquired 40% of AppMachine for $15.2 million USD. “We´re extremely pleased with this partner and the opportunity to distribute our software to a much wider base,” says AppMachine CEO Siebrand

AppMachine Celebrates: App Prices Go Down

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 2 Feb 2015

AppMachine now supports more than 150,000 app designers worldwide, a milestone that has to be celebrated! We´d like to share our success with our users by announcing a new and lower pricing for 2015. All your apps will become even more attractive.... Read more

Why AppMachine is the best App Maker Software

App Building, AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 20 Jan 2015

It’s always nice when somebody else recommends you. So we’re quite happy with the 2015 App Maker Software review. AppMachine is one of the ten best app building software platforms, says TopTenReviews.... Read more

College Tour Starring AppMachine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 24 Nov 2014

AppMachine’s CEO Siebrand Dijkstra will be the guest of the Connect IT058 College Tour in Leeuwarden the 10th of december. ConnectIT058 is an event that has to bring the Dutch town Leeuwarden as IT city to the attention of IT talent in the

AppMachine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra CEO of the Year

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 6 Nov 2014

AppMachine’s CEO Siebrand Dijkstra has been chosen as CEO of the Year by professional IT magazine Computable.... Read more

AppMachine At HTML5 Dev Conference

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 20 Oct 2014

AppMachine is present at the HTML5 DevConf, which says to be “the largest gathering of technical software developers, designers and decision makers in the world focused on internet software technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js and other cross platform web, mobile and server technologies.”... Read more

AppMachine on Esri GIS Conference

AppMachine News, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 16 Sep 2014

How do you get the most out of data? The Esri GIS Conference shows the latest technology in data analysis. AppMachine joins the conference and introduces a news innovative building block. Esri Netherlands made the app for the GIS Conference with AppMachine.... Read more

How Do I Make An App Using AppMachine?

App Building, AppMachine News  Liz Bollema 14 Sep 2014

Make your own app with AppMachine, the online software that enables anyone to build mobile apps for iPhone and Android. How do you start building apps? This article describes the basic principles of building apps with AppMachine.... Read more and AppMachine Meetup Renews Future For Web Apps

App Building, AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 19 Aug 2014

AppMachine and JavaScript-based development framework have announced an exciting partnership which enables app builders to build visually stunning mobile web apps without coding. and AppMachine announced their partnership last

In-App Loyalty Card Keeps Customers Coming

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 11 Aug 2014

Keep your customers coming by rewarding them for each visit or purchase. The in-app customer loyalty card is now available for our users and is ideal for retailers, shops, clubs, bars or restaurants. The customer loyalty card is a piece of software you can use in any app. Customers will have the card on their smartphone, so they will always carry it with

MobileBeat 2014: All Eyes On AppMachine

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 8 Jul 2014

AppMachine will be demonstrating it’s remarkable top rated, robust, code-free app building block platform at MobileBeat, VentureBeat’s focus on the future of mobile, this July 8-9 at the Hilton San Francisco.... Read more

AppMachine Makes a Name at San Francisco Design Week

AppMachine News, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 26 Jun 2014

AppMachine continues to make a name for itself in the US Greater Bay area, California, shows the 9th annual Design Week in San Francisco.... Read more

AppMachine CEO Again Nominated As CEO Of The Year

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 18 Jun 2014

For the second year in a row AppMachine’s founder and CEO Siebrand Dijkstra has been nominated for CEO of the Year by professional IT magazine Computable.... Read more

Amnesty International: “Urgent Action App Can Save Lives”

AppMachine News, Get Inspired, Mobile News  Jerry Lieveld 17 Jun 2014

A mobile app is an outstanding tool to strengthen user engagement, shows Amnesty International. The Dutch section of Amnesty has recently launched its Urgent Action app with which users can sign petitions and send emails to protest against the abuse of human rights.... Read more

AppMachine Switches Pricing Model To Subscription Based Purchase

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 22 Feb 2014

AppMachine has changed its pricing model to a subscription model. We also changed our product line to two new types of apps: Plus and Pro.... Read more

Highly Anticipated Pro Version Finally Live

AppMachine News, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 22 Feb 2014

Hip hip Hooray. The highly anticipated Pro version of our AppMachine platform is finally live! App builders now have a thousand and one possibilities for making top market apps with data linking and adding own features like custom code using JavaScript.... Read more

AppMachine at MWC again: from beta to grown up game changer

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 13 Feb 2014

AppMachine will be attending the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona again. Last year we went into bèta at MWC, this year we’ll present the mobile world an improved version of our app developing software. A version that will rock the mobile app development world.... Read more

New CCO to shape AppMachine´s growth ambitions

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 11 Feb 2014

A strong increase in sales and a solid name as the world´s best mobile app platform: That´s what AppMachine´s new Chief Commercial Officer, Eelco-Jan Boonstra aspires to.... Read more

New features by AppMachine in 2014

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 1 Feb 2014

What to expect from AppMachine in 2014? A whole lot, cause we’re working hard to get tons of new features available. We give you  a sneak preview of our most promising new developments. Read more in next week’s sneak preview Part 2.... Read more

AppMachine set to enter US Market

AppMachine News  Jerry Lieveld 22 Jan 2014

AppMachine is about to formally enter the US market and is taking the move seriously. An office in San Francisco has been recently opened and mobile app industry pioneer Joe Monastiero has been appointed as Managing Director of AppMachine USA. AppMachine is aiming to change the entire landscape of how mobile apps are developed today. For some it may come

The Municipality of Leeuwarden app combines crowd control with city marketing for Serious Request

AppMachine News, Get Inspired  Jerry Lieveld 16 Dec 2013

The Serious Request event by the Dutch radio station 3FM is coming to your town. This means a busy city center, lots of visitors and dozens of concerts and events. The Leeuwarden! app by the municipality of Leeuwarden combines crowd control with city marketing.... Read more