New User Groups: Make Your App A Personal Experience

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 30 Mar 2017

Mobile apps are versatile communication tools with diverse user demands. Those diversified user needs can now be serviced even better with our latest addition: users groups for the lock block.... Read more

Send Push Messages To Groups You Define

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 30 Jan 2017

Users regularly ask us to add features and we simply cannot grant every request. But ignoring this one was not an option. You massively stalked us! How a small mistake led to a major enhancement in our push messages service…... Read more

Improved Loyalty Card: Better Insight Into User Data

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 13 Jan 2017

The improved version of our Loyalty Card block contains a number of new features that give app owners a better insight into user data such as customer transactions.... Read more

Better User Interaction With Improved API Push Messages

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 14 Nov 2016

Significant increase in app user interaction and a more competent managed communication; these are just two advantages of AppMachine’s improved push message system.... Read more

New Advertising Feature For All Apps

AppMachine News, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 11 Apr 2016

Of all our latest improvements, the new advertising feature is the one you were waiting for. Monetize your apps with eye-catching adds in the top image.... Read more

New Features And Improvements

AppMachine News, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 11 Apr 2016

Explore the new features and major enhancements of the AppMachine April update: new advertising possibilities and lots of other stuff that makes your app life a lot smoother.... Read more

Sell More Products With Improved Checkout Block

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 11 Dec 2015

Selling in-app products becomes more successful as the improved Checkout block lets customers choose how to pay and when to receive their purchase or food order.... Read more

New Push Messages: Geo-based and by Category

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 22 Jun 2015

Improve your app and your interaction with users with two new ways of sending push notifications: 1. geo-based push messages and 2. push messages by category.... Read more

New: Send Push Messages With Your Smartphone

App Building, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 28 Apr 2015

Apps are all about user engagement, and push messages are powerful engagement tools. So we have made sending push messages even easier: deliver messages directly from your app with your own smartphone.... Read more

In-App Loyalty Card Keeps Customers Coming

App Building, AppMachine News, Get Inspired, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 11 Aug 2014

Keep your customers coming by rewarding them for each visit or purchase. The in-app customer loyalty card is now available for our users and is ideal for retailers, shops, clubs, bars or restaurants. The customer loyalty card is a piece of software you can use in any app. Customers will have the card on their smartphone, so they will always carry it with

Highly Anticipated Pro Version Finally Live

AppMachine News, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 22 Feb 2014

Hip hip Hooray. The highly anticipated Pro version of our AppMachine platform is finally live! App builders now have a thousand and one possibilities for making top market apps with data linking and adding own features like custom code using JavaScript.... Read more

Powerful Marketing With Push Messages

App Building, Get Inspired, New Features  Jerry Lieveld 29 Nov 2013

AppMachine lets you personalize your app with push messages. Users of your app will directly see your messages on their screen. This makes push messages a powerful instrument in your marketing mix, allowing you to inform loyal customers about promotions, special offers or breaking news.... Read more

Developer apps: use data any way you want

App Building, New Features, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 8 Jul 2013

Would you like to build a native app that can do anything with data? One with more features and more development options? Then we have good news for you: we are working hard on the Developer version of AppMachine. This version of our app builder will offer a host of additional features, particularly for data linking. It also lets you create your own

Building your own app – should you choose a Plus or Pro app?

App Building, New Features  Liz Bollema 16 Feb 2013

You are about to create an app using AppMachine. But two different types of app are available – so how do you decide which it’s to be? A Plus or a Pro app? It all depends on your wishes. In this post we’ll tell you about the differences between the various kinds of apps.... Read more