From Door-to-Door Cold Selling to 200+ Clients and a Dream Car

Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 11 May 2017

From going door-to-door cold selling apps to a successful business with 200+ clients. It’s a career that could be yours, says reseller Richard Lloyd-Roberts from Brandgarden.... Read more

Promote Your App With Search Ads

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 2 Mar 2017

Apple offers a new way to promote your app in the Apple App Store: Search Ads. Create your own advertising campaign and get noticed by the millions.... Read more

Let Your App Stand Out With App Store Optimization

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 14 Feb 2017

Once your app is ready, you start your quest for users. How do you get as many app users as possible? A good presentation in the app stores is a first step many app builders neglect. Let your app stand out with app store optimization!... Read more

We Launched Our Reseller Community Forum

Reseller  Liz Bollema 9 Feb 2017

A little while ago, we launched our reseller forum: an online meeting place for our Resellers.... Read more

Three Steps To Sell Apps To Clients

Get Inspired, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 17 Mar 2016

Making apps is easy, but how to sell apps to clients? It’s just that simple. We can’t promise you’ll be the next mobile app millionaire, but a highly profitable apps business is within reach.... Read more

“AppMachine Reseller? Fantastic job and a great monthly income”

Get Inspired, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 3 Feb 2016

“A game changer? Much more than that! AppMachine changed my whole life,” says reseller Kezio Bertori. “I’m now living off selling apps completely. It’s a fantastic job and a great monthly income.”... Read more

Swedish Appsales Is Showcase Of Successful Apps Business

Get Inspired, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 17 Nov 2015

If there’s one showcase of a successful apps business using AppMachine, it’s Appsales. The Swedish company is selling 400 apps a year and is seeking other European resellers to team up with.... Read more

Boost Your Business, Become Reseller

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 3 Nov 2015

With SMB’s turning to mobile en masse, you could be selling lots of apps to clients. Not sure how to get started? AppMachine’s new and improved Reseller Program is here to help.... Read more

Get Better Deals With The Reseller Bundles

AppMachine News, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 15 Oct 2015

AppMachine introduces a new pricing model for resellers: the Reseller Bundles. Resellers now buy a bundle of apps for a fixed price which makes app building and becoming a Reseller even more beneficial.... Read more

The Benefits of Apps for SMBs

Get Inspired, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 27 Jul 2015

Why do SMBs need mobile apps? Which benefits does an app bring for small en medium sized businesses? The advantages of apps are versatile, from consumer retention to extra revenue.... Read more

Smart Interactive: Amazing What You Can Do With AppMachine

Get Inspired, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 14 Jul 2015

From music apps and the real estate market in Miami to Panama’s leading national newspapers: Smart Interactive delivers a broad range of apps and is growing steadily in the US and Latin America. And they even found a niche in modern communication.... Read more

5 Tips To Expand Your Business By Selling Apps

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 22 Jun 2015

Ask a dozen experts how to expand your business and the most frequently given answer will definitely be: add a new service or product. Sound easy? Well, it is! With AppMachine, you can start your mobile app business today!... Read more

App of the month: Palestine On A Plate

Get Inspired, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 22 Jun 2015

A Tribute To Food And Family

How Harry met AppMachine And Started Selling Apps

Get Inspired, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 14 Apr 2015

When app builder Harry met sassy AppMachine, it was love at first sight. “Wow, is it that easy to build mobile apps for clients”, he thought. “This club is gonna make it, so I’d better join them.”... Read more

The Benefits Of Subscription Based App Software

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 23 Dec 2014

If you’re going to develop a mobile app, you basically have two choices: have your app developed by an agency for a one time fee,  or use subscription based software to build your app. AppMachine offers an online app CMS with monthly and yearly subscriptions. What are the benefits of such an app subscription?... Read more

AppMachine on Esri GIS Conference

AppMachine News, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 16 Sep 2014

How do you get the most out of data? The Esri GIS Conference shows the latest technology in data analysis. AppMachine joins the conference and introduces a news innovative building block. Esri Netherlands made the app for the GIS Conference with AppMachine.... Read more

Selling Apps: 10 Steps To Set Up Your Apps Business

Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 8 Sep 2014

If you are looking to start an apps business, let us help you get moving fast. Making apps is easy and relatively cheap with AppMachine. Now anyone can make professional apps and sell them with a good profit margin. All apps you make with AppMachine work on iPhones and Android smartphones.... Read more

The Three Levels In App Building

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 26 Jun 2014

The demand of app developers is growing and prices of apps are falling, so the best time to start your apps business is now. But where to start? What to charge your clients? Let the three levels in app building be your guide.... Read more

Simple but Unique: App as Part of Company Strategy

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 23 Jun 2014

If you used to be a printing house, you still love paper. But just a book? That won’t do the job these days, according to Van Eck & Oosterink. So the communication agency published an interactive book with QR Codes and a mobile app: ‘Simple but Unique’... Read more

4 Reasons Why Your Clients All Want Apps – Even If They Don’t Know

Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 1 May 2014

Are you makings apps for clients? Or do you think more of your clients should have mobile apps developed? We’ll give you 4 ways to convince them.... Read more

Selling Apps? What Happens When You Switch To The Reseller Program?

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 24 Apr 2014

If you are selling apps to clients, you might consider switching to the Reseller Program. This will give you numerous benefits, dedicated support, the use of white label app tools and several upselling chances. This article describes how the Reseller Program works.... Read more

“A Reference For Clients And A Marketing Tool For Me”

App Building, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 2 Apr 2014

“A reference for clients, a marketing tool for me and a great way of advertising.” Media coaching expert Edo van Santen is clear about the benefits of having his own app. “I’m a pitching and presentation coach and I always work with clients who are about to speak in public. They all want to take a last look at my tips and tricks shortly before

Developer apps: use data any way you want

App Building, New Features, Reseller  Jerry Lieveld 8 Jul 2013

Would you like to build a native app that can do anything with data? One with more features and more development options? Then we have good news for you: we are working hard on the Developer version of AppMachine. This version of our app builder will offer a host of additional features, particularly for data linking. It also lets you create your own