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How Harry met AppMachine and started selling apps


When app builder Harry met sassy AppMachine, it was love at first sight. “Wow, is it that easy to build mobile apps for clients”, he thought. “This club is gonna make it, so I’d better join them.”

Harry Wildeboer, from The Netherlands, became AppMachine reseller back in 2013 and was one of the first to join AppMachine’s Reseller Program. “I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the app building software,” says Harry. “I immediately saw the opportunity of selling apps to clients so I became AppMachine reseller and started my apps business betaalbareapps.nl (affordableapps.nl.).

The best thing about being a reseller?#

“The combination of discount, dedicated support and the frequently developed new features,” Harry says. “There is also a White Label Client CMS which works perfectly fine, but I hardly use it. I’m not hiding I use AppMachine to make my apps. Are you kidding? I’m promoting it! I think it’s trustworthy to have the support of such a large company as AppMachine.”

How to create an app for your customer

Reseller Harry is clear about the price he charges for apps. “Most companies and small businesses still think a mobile app costs 20K or more. They are flabbergasted I can deliver a professional app for a fraction of the costs. How much exactly? Depends on what we have to do. We offer our customers three levels in app building: build the app mostly yourself and ask us for support, build the app together with us where you deliver the content and we design your app, or let us build your app completely.”

Although he now is an experienced app maker, Harry is not the average tech driven whizzkid or fancy designer. “Not by far,  I started as a car salesman 30 years ago and became a financial consultant later. So I already knew how to sell. And thanks to AppMachine I learned how to build apps. I even started to learn JavaScript.”

How Harry build an app for kentalis

What is the best way to sell apps to clients?#

“Just build them,” recommends Harry. “Building apps is easy and fun. You don’t have to be a sales genius to sell apps. Simply choose some clients, build an app for them and show the app with the previewer. Offer the app for a good price and you will sell 7 out of 10!”

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