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How to Build an App


There’s something you need to know.

Despite what you might currently believe, building an app from scratch doesn’t have to be the complicated process everyone makes it out to be.

In fact, as long as you have the right tools, it can be a surprisingly easy process… one that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of software development.

As long as you have:

  • a vision;
  • an understanding of your target consumer;
  • a clear purpose;

...you’ll be able to start building an app without code from the ground up. All it requires is your time, an innovative app template, and an eagerness to get started.

What are the four types of mobile apps? Find out through this guide from AppMachine

How to Build An App From Scratch#

If you were to build an app through the traditional route, there’d be a whole process you’d have to go through.

Not only would you need to have a grasp on key digital developer skills (such as understanding JavaScript), but you’d also have to be familiar with the ins and outs of back-end development.

Before you could even begin creating the platform you want to come to life, there’d be a lot of work to do. This includes:

  1. Studying app development.
  2. Outlining your idea.
  3. Creating a comprehensive plan.
  4. Conducting research.
  5. Drafting your app.
  6. Running tests for every feature.
  7. Finalising the design.
  8. Linking your app to a database.
  9. Preparing it for use.

It gets worse when you realise that this list only touches the surface of the work that goes into building an app from scratch. It’s no wonder why so many business owners get intimidated and either delay their plans or look to outsource app development. This can get expensive, fast.

How to Build an App Without Code#

Thankfully, there is an alternative.

Rather than trying to gain a new qualification in software development, you should consider going down the no-code route. This, in essence, is an app-creation approach that allows you to use the skills you already have.

Step 1: Select Your Provider#

There are multiple no-code app builders out there, some with more merit than others. Be sure to do your research, read reviews, compare prices, and look for a platform that can accommodate all your needs.

Step 2: Start a Project#

If you choose to create an app through AppMachine, you’ll first need to make a login. Then you can look through different tutorials and examples and when you’re ready, you’ll be encouraged to click the “+ New App” button. At this time, try to have access to all the information that could be useful to you (such as the testimonials you want to include or the product descriptions you want to upload).

Step 3: Choose Your Template#

Instead of being responsible for every single element of your platform, down to the function of every button and feature, you can use pre-existing templates, predefined sections and a designer dashboard to build the app of your dreams. Doesn’t that sound ideal?

Step 4: Customise the Design#

No-code builders grant you all the benefits of having a custom mobile app solution while saving you time and money. By relying on pre-coded software tools, you don’t need any previous knowledge or experience with UX vs UI.

Update your theme with a few simple settings

Step 5: Launch Your App#

Once you’ve positioned everything in a way that’s visually appealing and easy to understand, you can upload it to the Google Play Store and the App Store, or hyperlink a download button on your website. With a strong launch strategy and an excellent call to action, you’ll soon have users.

Step 6: Make Adjustments#

Make sure you watch a few of your customers use your app.  If a certain feature on your app isn’t as clear as you’d like, then you can make edits accordingly. Change the copy, layout, and imagery of your app until it’s optimised for the best possible chance of conversions.

Step 7: Track Customer Data#

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is the data insights you can generate through it. If you choose a no-code solution, be sure to choose one that offers ongoing support and allows you to analyse user-specific behaviour to improve your marketing. This way, you can really make the most of your investment.

Want to know the best thing? All of the elements of building an app without code can be done through AppMachine.

5 Star rating


“I really love that you can customize many things about your app. It’s easy to drag and drop pages and items to add content. It’s user-friendly as far as setting things up and changing things to have them the way you want them. Settings are self-explanatory and you can customize your app the way you want! We’ve loved having the support when something doesn’t seem to be working or we can’t figure something out. They’ve been good at getting back to us within days – sometimes hours.”

These are the 7 steps to build an app with AppMachine.

How to Build An App from Scratch – FAQs

Have you come to the startling realisation that a lot of the solutions for developing an app are overly complicated?

Through AppMachine, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With our no-code app builder, you can choose the easy route to fulfilling your vision… without negotiating on platform quality. Soon, you’ll have a brand new channel to encourage sales and increase brand loyalty.

Still have questions about building a mobile app? Perhaps these FAQs can help.

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