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How to Make Money with Apps in 2023 Using Our Tips and Strategies


Are you wondering how to make money with apps in 2023? You're not alone.

Whether you are a business owner who wants a custom sales platform, or a developer looking to make a passive income

There’s a lot of competition in the market that you need to beat.

Making Money with Apps in 2023#

Not only are you going to find yourself competing with vast marketplaces like Amazon, but there are so many other platforms out there.

Even in the smallest eCommerce niche, there are likely alternatives that offer the same products and services as you. Therefore, you need a strategy for building the right type of app for your needs.

This guide from AppMachine will teach you how to make money with apps

Making Money with Apps#

Not only are you going to find yourself competing with vast marketplaces like Amazon, but there are so many other platforms out there.

Even in the smallest eCommerce niche, there are likely alternatives that offer the same products and services as you. Therefore, you need a strategy for building the right type of app for your needs.

How do Apps Make Money?#

Before you begin your journey, you need to decide which method is your preferred direction to make money through an app. Ask yourself the following…

  • Am I going to set a purchase price upon it? 
  • Am I listing your products and services for sale?
  • Am I going to sell advertisement spots?
  • Am I going to build traffic and then sell my app?

Whatever your decision, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience and create something that seems “spammy” and unhelpful. This will only deter potential customers.

Top Tips for Making Money with Apps#

You can’t just go in blindly, hoping the strength of your proposition is going to be enough to convince an individual to type in their credit card details. 

You need to be trustworthy and credible to make money with apps – which is often largely influenced by the initial development stage you are bound to go through.

1. Set Your Goals#

When it comes down to it, you can’t just publish a low-quality mobile application and expect it to perform. During the app creation, you must carefully consider the layout and function of every single feature, tab, and button and their purpose in your overall plan.

2. Find Your Audience#

Just like any other product, you're not going to see any success if you don't understand who you are building your app for. Therefore, before you even begin developing one, you should spend time assessing your market and competitors to position yourself perfectly.

3. Define Your USP#

To make money from apps, you need to ask yourself an honest question. Why you? Out of all the other substitute applications out there, why should your audience download yours (even if it’s free)? Identifying what makes you special will further your goal to make money through apps.

4. Create a Quality App#

Your user experience is everything. Not only will a well-developed app ensure you make it onto the Google Play store and App Store on the first place, but it’s much more likely to engage your audience and further your goals. 

5. Run A/B Tests#

To give your app the best chance of making money, then, you need to not only develop it correctly, but you need to get in the minds of your target users. Be sure to conduct A/B tests of the different CTAs you use, as you might see a drastic difference in your conversion rate.

6. Cross-Promote Your App#

Making money with apps is easy if you can direct traffic to your platform and encourage people to make that initial download. This can be done through your pre-existing social media platforms, website, and email list.

App monetization strategies#

A mobile app monetization model refers to making money from your app to support it. There are various app monetization models you can choose from - many of which can be combined to bring in different sources of revenue. The most appropriate option for your app will depend on the sector your app is in and who your target audience is.

Selling ads space is an excellent free app monetization strategy      #

If you want to monetize your app quickly and effectively, placing advertisements inside is often the most effective and fastest way to do so. Almost any type of ad format can be accommodated in the mobile app advertisement format, including but not limited to the following:

Native Ads: There are many advantages to native ads, including appearing "natural" in your app. Unlike banner ads on a website, native ads fit seamlessly into your app's design. Make sure that their design looks similar to another post on the app or as a feature embedded within it.

Banner Ads: Banner ads supplied by a third party ad network are placed in high-traffic locations in an app, creating brand awareness and generating click-throughs, purchases, and leads. These high-visibility locations are places where the eyes of browsers usually wander. 

Interstitial Ads: This advertising format displays ads over the entire screen. The intention is to avoid "banner blindness," where you know users are used to ignoring banner ads. Full-screen interstitial ads can be disruptive if placed in the wrong place, so they must be placed at natural pauses, such as in-between levels of a gaming app. This will ensure that users have a positive experience with the ad and are more likely to remember it.

Video Ads: Mobile advertising has come a long way recently, from small banners to highly engaging and immersive in-app video ads. You can place playable videos, reward videos, and many more. The choice of In-App video ads is a vast subject.

Reward Ads: The idea behind reward ads is clear, give something to your user for viewing an ad. For example, in a mobile game, give your user another "try" if he fails at some level and if he then watches an advertiser's video.

Gamified Ads: These are mini-game ads that encourage users to interact with them.

One of the monetization methods is Paid Apps#

Firstly, people prefer to avoid paying for apps. And remember, free apps can also make money. 

90% of the apps on the Apple App store are free.

But there are still 10% paid apps. According to Statista, the number of iPhones in the united states was around 125 million in 2022. This means you have about 12.5 million customers happy to pay for apps on the Apple App store alone.  

What about Android? They have about 135 million devices, presuming 10% paid apps to give you 13.5 million devices. You have a market of over 26 million customers, which is very respectable. 

Customers and companies will be happy to pay for apps that supply them with fast and reliable data when needed.

Your customer may need this type of data if, for example, he is involved in finance or logistics/transport.

The companies are looking for any data about the potential customer. Remember how much data Google and Facebook collect about you!     

Search "Best Money Making Apps." The results will include:

  • 32 Legit Money Making Apps For Android/iOS
  • The 35 Best Money-Making Apps
  • 50+ Apps That Pay You Real Money: The Best Money Making Apps of 2023

If you read those articles, you will learn that one way or another, most of those apps collect data in the following ways:

  • Asking you to take surveys
  • To share your location
  • To snap pictures of your grocery receipts

And more.

The main takeaway is to do your research, find those companies that are hungry for data, and develop apps for them. They will be willing to pay well.

In-app purchases#

In-app purchases are a significant revenue stream for free apps.

Here are some statistics about in-app purchases:

  • The number of mobile devices in 2022 was about 16 billion
  • Five percent of users make in-app purchases
  • About 50% of apps have in-app purchase options

Apple and Google take a cut of around 30% of in-app purchases. But they have an interest in keeping good relations with app developers, so they reduced their fees for in-app purchases after one year to 15%. If an app still thrives after one year, it will likely continue to be successful.

iPhone users spend an average of $1 on in-app purchases, while Android users spend $0.47.

Add in-app purchases such as extra features, virtual goods, or products to your app.

Build apps for others and become a reseller#

This is how it works: software developers create a white-label app without specific branding. These apps are designed to be resold to businesses that want to put their branding on them. White-label apps can be customized with enough online branding to make them unique.

There are several benefits to choosing a white-label app instead of a custom development project, including speed to delivery and cost savings. A white label app is typically 1/10th the cost of a custom software development project because the app's backend – how it functions, its actual appearance, or format – is already established. 

This means that brands, companies, or individuals can tweak the branding and visual design and turn features on or off to fit their purpose or brand requirements without starting from scratch.

White-label apps are an excellent option for businesses or individuals who want a high-quality product without a high price tag. 

If you have no coding skills and are looking for a fast and affordable solution to build extra revenue, a white-label app and AppMachine iOS and Android app development services are the right choice. Become a reseller!

White-label apps examples

  1. Develop an app for a church.
  2. A food delivery app for restaurants.
  3. Replace paperwork done by any type of service person, like a handyman or plumber. 
There are lots of ways you can make money with apps. We've just listed a few

The Reasons You Should Use an App Creation Platform#

Are you a professional software engineer with no time to spare? A relatively digital-savvy person with a plan for a side hustle? Or an entrepreneur wanting to grow your business with an app?

Either way, you should consider streamlining your development process through AppMachine. Our no-code app builder is an incredible asset for anyone looking for a quick turnaround and the perfect end result. 

Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to making money from apps.

Through us, you get access to plenty of different app templates and pre-built features as well as a dedicated team willing to give you advice and support. You’ll be able to save money on creating your platform and increase profitability as a result.

Making Money from Apps – FAQs

At the end of the day, there's no shortage of different ways you can make money with an app. 

As long as you are dedicated to creating a high-quality platform, networking with your target audience, and carefully designing your value offering… sales will come.

Should you still have questions about mobile app development or how free apps make money, perhaps these answers can help.

Can a free app make money?
What kind of app makes money?
How hard is it to make an app?
How do apps without ads make money?
Can I create an app by myself?

How to Make Money with Apps through AppMachine

Above all else, to make money with apps, you need to create a quality platform that lends itself to your goals. 

Whether you just want to capture and qualify leads or you want to make sales on the software itself, you need to make sure the right functions and CTAs are in place to guide your users down the sales funnel. 

This way, you’ll be able to enhance your business offering and expand your reach to make a sizeable profit. Does that sound like something you could benefit from? 

If so, then consider checking out AppMachine’s product and looking at all the different resources we have available for you. Our helpful team is always available to point you in the right direction to create an app that’s ready to make money within just a few short weeks.

Contact us today to find out more or start building an app today.

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