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Build an iPhone App in 5 Steps


Have you been looking into building your own iPhone app?

If so, there’s some good news…. your journey might soon come to an end. Not for the reason you might immediately assume, though.

Don’t give up.

Despite what you’ve discovered through the countless hours spent browsing forums and articles, there’s a surprisingly simple solution to iPhone app creation that’s often overlooked.
Its name? A no-code platform builder.

How to build an iPhone app from scratch through AppMachine

An Overview of iPhone App Creation

Rather than…

  • Dedicating yourself to studying app development (which could take months).
  • Forking over thousands to a company that might not have your best interests in mind.

Through no-code solutions, you can build your own iPhone app within the next few weeks. How?

Most iPhone app builders on the market already have a huge bank of resources that you can tap into.

They’ve already done most of the work behind the scenes to create functional and optimised templates that you can customise to your desire. Sound intriguing?

That’s not all.

Typically, to build an iPhone app, you would need a whole team of qualified software engineers by your side. These would likely be full-time employees that’d fulfil your project from start to finish.

However, with a no-code solution, you can make all the relevant decisions by yourself. No longer will you have to try and understand the specifics of JavaScript vs Ruby – because the entire process is made much easier for you.

Through AppMachine, you’ll be able to admit your own strengths, like visualising the result you want to generate, and use our resources to do the rest.

How to Build Your Own iPhone App

To give you a little more insight into just how easy it can be to build your own iPhone app from scratch, we wanted to cover the different steps that sit between you and the perfect platform.
There are only five of them, which reveals the level of time-saving that AppMachine can offer you.

Step 1. Choose Your Purpose

Before you can begin pulling an app together from the tools we provide, there are a few questions you need to answer. These are used to narrow your overall plans and give you a clear direction to follow.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the options available to you, you’ll be encouraged to consider the needs of your audience right from the very beginning.

What do they need?

Step 2. Select Your Template

How many times have you opened a blank document only to sit and stare at it for hours?

We’ve all been there and it’s a frustrating experience for many. You don’t want to waste time when it comes to iPhone app creation, not when there’s a goal you want to achieve.

Therefore, our software engineers have developed a selection of app templates that can kick-start your imagination and give you a strong foundation to work from.

Step 3. Map Your Layout

With AppMachine’s “drag and drop” designer dashboard, you can start to adjust the app to your liking.

You can look through all the pre-built, expertly coded features and add the ones that you need – choosing from the additional options available including Contact Us, FAQs, Events, Shops, and more.

Soon, you’ll have an app that can fulfil its purpose as intended. Should you need to, you can always return to our site and make updates in the future.

Step 4. Edit Your Theme

Do you have branding that’s become synonymous with your name? If so, then you’ll want to ensure the imagery and visuals you use are coherent across the entire application.

By plugging in your chosen colours, font, and media… you’ll be able to build a valuable marketing asset that furthers your growth plans.

Even if you aren’t a business owner with a theme already in mind, creating one to follow across your other platforms could bring results beyond what you can imagine.

Step 5. Add Your Content

Once you’ve done all the background work, it’s time to complete the final touches.

You’ll need to add all the copy and CTAs, adjusting the details until they are perfect. This might be a time-consuming step for building an iPhone app, but it’s also one of the most enjoyable.

You can have complete creative control to make the required adjustments until you are finally satisfied with everything. Then, once you’ve conducted the required tests, you’ll be able to publish your app the store of your choice.

Doesn’t that sound convenient?

Embrace iPhone app creation with the help of AppMachine

iPhone App Creation FAQs

Before no-code app builders came into existence, people could only dream about having the sort of budget required to create a custom platform of their very own.

It was an inaccessible venture that came with a long wait and a hefty bill. No longer.

With solutions like the one from AppMachine, anyone can build their own iPhone app. They don’t have to employ a team of engineers or understand back-end development. AppMachine can also provide a developer who will be on hand to help you should you have difficulties.

You just need to have a goal in mind and a desire to achieve it. Still have questions? Perhaps these FAQs can offer the insight you’re after.

How much does it cost to create an iPhone app?
What are iOs apps written in?
How can I publish my app to the Apple App Store?
Can I develop my own app for iOS?

How to Build an iPhone App from Scratch

Are you ready to get started on your app? Great!

With AppMachine’s no-code builder, the process doesn’t have to be difficult.

Instead of puzzling over the complexities of software development, you can join the thousands of other users who have easily pulled together the app of their dreams… without any digital skills.

With our wide range of resources and our fabulous (inexpensive) product, you could be ready to launch your app in as little as just a few weeks. It almost sounds too good to be true, right?

Contact us today to find out more or create your account.

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