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Create an app for your event

Are you organizing an event? Show the artists, the schedule and make sure all your fans know where to find stages they’re looking for.

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Your event needs an app#

If you are organizing a musical event, festival, trade show, conference or community get-together, you could use an app. With AppMachine you can quickly build an app for your event where you share important event information, sell tickets and even showcase and sell your merchandise. Not only us such an app convenient for your visitors, it can also lead to increased revenue.

Create a Web or Mobile App#

With our pre-configured blocks you can quickly add all the relevant information about your event or festival: Use the People block to list artists, add your schedule with the Events block and sell tickets and merchandise with in app purchases. 

You can add the data within your app directly from the App Builder, or you can connect to sources for data, like Google Sheets or an external API.

You have complete control over the design of the of your app, publish it as a 🌎 Web App, or publish it to the 🤖 Google Play store and 🍎 Apple App Store

If you publish your app to a store, you can stay connected with your visitors using push notifications to keep them up-to-date on last minute changes. 

With AppMachine publishing to the Apple App Store and Google Play store is easy. You only need to create a developer account. We guide you trtough every step of the proces. And we take care of the technical app building process.

Increase your revenue#

Event organizers can create apps for their upcoming events and get the maximum result by interacting with the app users.  

With the AppMachine app builder you can increase your revenue without writing a single line of code. Developed a taste for more? You can easily create multiple apps with our business plans. 

When you design and build an app with the AppMachine app builder you don’t need to hire developers or UX designers. Anyone can build an app.

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