Dashboard Analysis

Using our dashboard, it’s easy to analyze and measure how your app is being used. AppMachine apps keep a list of advanced statistics.

Advanced Analytics

The Plus and Pro subscriptions offers you advanced analytics. Drill down into any graphic to find out exactly what your users are doing with your app.

Link Your App To Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics to gather web stats, you can use that and link it to your app. Then you’ll have some of your app statistics available there, too. It’s useful having them side-by-side. AppMachine’s statistics are considerably more detailed.


It’s easy to update your app using our CMS.

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Test Your App

Test your app while your build it. Watch your progress on your smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet. That way, you can see what the app looks like when it goes live.

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Push Notifications

Breaking news? Something that really can’t wait? Send your app users a push notification. They’ll see it immediately — even if the app isn’t open.

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Publish in Online Stores

Make your app available to everyone. AppMachine takes care of just about everything you need to get your app into Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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Add Content

Keep your app up to date — easily. You can update your app anywhere, anytime using our CMS — even on your smartphone.

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Install the Previewer

Use the AppMachine Previewer to see the app live on your smartphone while you’re building it.

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