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The best tip for the summer? Make travel apps!

Get Inspired  John 26 Jul 2017

The best tips for this summer? Make travel & tourism apps for the smartphone. Travelers use apps to explore their destination, get discounts, book a hotel and make restaurant reservations. Get inspired and discover our best travel apps.... Read more

Small Business Apps Are Hot

App Building, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 11 Jul 2017

Restaurant, barbershop, bikestore or flowershop, every small business should have an app! It’s affordable, easy and a must have nowadays.... Read more

Beer in a Box: The App Where Beer and Data Come Together

Get Inspired  John 1 Jun 2017

Beer is all about water, barley and hops, right? Nope. It’s data that’s crucial. Even for beer. Discover how an app brings beer and data together and why the the Beer in a Box app is an exclusive gift for clients.... Read more

5 Tools To Promote Your App

App Building, Get Inspired  John 5 May 2017

Increase your app downloads with these 5 tools to promote your app.... Read more

Stade City App: Best Practices For A City App

Get Inspired  John 2 May 2017

If you’ve always wondered what a city app should look like well then, look not further! The Stade City App is your answer. And what a city app it is!... Read more

More Ways To Monetize Your App

App Building, Get Inspired  John 20 Apr 2017

Turn your app into a cash machine. Generate a great monthly income in just a few steps. Use dynamic ads with Logic, attract sponsors and discover more ways to monetize your app.... Read more

Essential Business Tools To Start Your Business

Get Inspired  John 28 Mar 2017

Starting your own business can be overwhelmingly busy. Write a business plan, approach potential clients, make a website or app, arrange and track social media… and in the end there’s hardly time for your service or product to sell. Use these time-saving business tools to give your company a head start.... Read more

School apps prove to outclass every other communication channel

Get Inspired  John 13 Mar 2017

School apps are on the up as more and more schools are developing mobile apps to communicate with parents and students. How do school apps function in everyday life? And do apps really prove their worth?... Read more

Fabulous Redesign Markus Schulz App

App Design, Get Inspired  John 15 Feb 2017

World class EDM deejay Markus Schulz has renewed his mobile app as Markus is always searching for inspiration and rejuvenating himself, his music and his interaction with fans.... Read more

Refresh Your App Design With New Icons And Skins

App Design, Get Inspired  John 19 Jan 2017

Refresh your app design with the latest addition of our design department: dozens of new icon sets and many new skins, now available for all apps.... Read more

App Design Trend 2017: Pursuit Of Personality Cries Out For Creativity

App Design, Get Inspired, Mobile News  John 3 Jan 2017

Freedom, experimental, creativity, break the borders. Be authentic. Wow! With a design trend like that, all odds are on a happy new year for app designers.... Read more

Redeemable Tokens are Secret Weapon In Shopkeepers’ Strategy To Regain Clients

Get Inspired  John 6 Dec 2016

How do independent shopkeepers in the Northeast of the Netherlands retain or even regain local clients lost to online shopping? They create a mobile app that brings the customer back into the store.... Read more

How Apps Can Help You Go Green

Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 7 Nov 2016

Sustainability. Whether it’s your belief or a marketing driven maneuver, you cannot run counter to the ethos of your clients. Discover how apps can help you go green.... Read more

Patient Information Made Easy With Sunny & Tim

Get Inspired  John 5 Oct 2016

Let’s meet Sunny & Tim, two cartoon characters that visualize medical information in nuclear medicine. Although we hope you’ll never need them, they’re a good case of visual patient education with an app.... Read more

Make A Business Of Your Blog? You Need An App!

App Building, Get Inspired  John 7 Jul 2016

Average bloggers use WordPress, vloggers YouTube. But you’re not the average blogger! Not an ordinary vlogger, no way! You’re about to become a top dog in publishing and broadcasting! This is how an app helps.... Read more

How A Sport App Turns Your Squad Into A Team

Get Inspired  John 13 Jun 2016

A sport app turns every squad into a team. Whether you’re the club’s president, a Pro coach or a soccer mom: here’s what a sport app can do for you.... Read more

School App: The All In One Solution

App Building, Get Inspired  John 2 May 2016

Is your school sending out information through various channels? And is it still hard to reach students, parents and staff with a concise and clear approach? A school app is the all in one solution for modern mobile communication.... Read more

Food trucks: Time To Freshen Up Your Mobile Presence

Get Inspired  John 5 Apr 2016

Food truck owners:  it’s time to freshen up your mobile presence as the season of outdoor food festivals is about to begin. Start now and stay ahead of the competition in a billion-dollar industry.... Read more

Three Steps To Sell Apps To Clients

Get Inspired, Reseller  John 17 Mar 2016

Making apps is easy, but how to sell apps to clients? It’s just that simple. We can’t promise you’ll be the next mobile app millionaire, but a highly profitable apps business is within reach.... Read more

The sights and sounds of South Africa’s North West Province

Get Inspired  John 7 Mar 2016

The Bokone Bophirima Tour app promotes the sights and sounds of South Africa’s North West Province with a clear insight into the province’s broad tourism and leisure options.... Read more

Apps For The Spa And Wellness Industry

App Building, Get Inspired  John 15 Feb 2016

Spa and wellness is all about relaxation and enjoyment. So communication with loyal visitors should be the most enjoyable form of keeping in touch: with an app on their smartphone. Works best for clients and offers great sales opportunities for spa owners.... Read more

“AppMachine Reseller? Fantastic job and a great monthly income”

Get Inspired, Reseller  John 3 Feb 2016

“A game changer? Much more than that! AppMachine changed my whole life,” says reseller Kezio Bertori. “I’m now living off selling apps completely. It’s a fantastic job and a great monthly income.”... Read more

The 2016 Trends In App Design: Clean, Fast, Usability First

App Design, Get Inspired, Mobile News  John 26 Jan 2016

The 2016 trends for app design put a premium on usability with clean and clear being this years’ buzz words. But we also want our apps to stand out. Are you ready for a challenge in app design?... Read more

The 2016 Mobile Market Trends

Get Inspired, Mobile News  John 20 Jan 2016

What to expect this year in the mobile market? An accelerated growth of smartphone usage, more m-commerce and the need for a multichannel mobile strategy.... Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: App Design Trends 2016

App Design, Get Inspired  Liz Bollema 3 Jan 2016

The 2016 trends for app design put a premium on usability with clean and clear being this years’ buzz words. But we also want our apps to stand out. Are you ready for a challenge in app design?... Read more

Swedish Appsales Is Showcase Of Successful Apps Business

Get Inspired, Reseller  John 17 Nov 2015

If there’s one showcase of a successful apps business using AppMachine, it’s Appsales. The Swedish company is selling 400 apps a year and is seeking other European resellers to team up with.... Read more

The Benefits Of Restaurant Apps

App Building, Get Inspired  John 17 Sep 2015

Why does your restaurant need an app? What are the benefits of restaurant apps over responsive websites? They deliver more frequent guests! Discover how apps can increase your restaurant revenue.... Read more

Get Inspired To Use The Pro Version

App Building, Get Inspired  John 26 Aug 2015

Come gather around all you ambitious app builders! And discover how to make the most out of AppMachine’s Pro version with these freshly built demo apps.... Read more

Travel Apps Are The Way To Customer Retention

Get Inspired  John 13 Aug 2015

Deliver your customers the most interesting last minutes city trips and special discounts, right on their smartphone. Pamper them with a state of the art customer service, specially designed for smartphone usage. For most travel agencies mobile apps are the main road to new sales and better customers retention.... Read more

The Benefits of Apps for SMBs

Get Inspired, Reseller  John 27 Jul 2015

Why do SMBs need mobile apps? Which benefits does an app bring for small en medium sized businesses? The advantages of apps are versatile, from consumer retention to extra revenue.... Read more

Smart Interactive: Amazing What You Can Do With AppMachine

Get Inspired, Reseller  John 14 Jul 2015

From music apps and the real estate market in Miami to Panama’s leading national newspapers: Smart Interactive delivers a broad range of apps and is growing steadily in the US and Latin America. And they even found a niche in modern communication.... Read more

Fancy Food Truck Festivals? This Is The App To Have

Get Inspired  John 29 Jun 2015

Fancy good food at nice locations? Then Reizende Sterren (Dutch for Travelling Stars) is a welcome addition to your smartphone. The wonderfully designed and free app presents a list of food trucks, street food festivals and other mobile kitchens in the Netherlands and just over the borders.... Read more

City Uses App For Royal Sightseeing Tour

App Design, Get Inspired  Hendrik 22 Jun 2015

The Royal Family is coming to town so the city wants to shine and show itself in its best light. According to the Dutch town Zwolle a mobile app is a perfect way to sing its praises. The Royal Hiking Trail app takes visitors with video, text and audio for a walk through the historical center with various Royal sightseeing spots.... Read more

App of the month: Palestine On A Plate

Get Inspired, Reseller  Hendrik 22 Jun 2015

A Tribute To Food And Family

How Harry met AppMachine And Started Selling Apps

Get Inspired, Reseller  John 14 Apr 2015

When app builder Harry met sassy AppMachine, it was love at first sight. “Wow, is it that easy to build mobile apps for clients”, he thought. “This club is gonna make it, so I’d better join them.”... Read more

Dancefair App: Stunning Design With State Of The Art Tech

Get Inspired  John 16 Mar 2015

A stunning design combined with state of the art technology. The Dancefair App is a best practice event app and fully deserves to be our app of the month.... Read more

Why It Is Time To Have An App

App Building, Get Inspired, Mobile News  John 5 Mar 2015

There’s a new generation of customers using mobile almost exclusively for contact, search queries and purchases. How do you service these mobile customers? With a mobile friendly website or a mobile app? That should not be the question: you urgently need both.... Read more

Create Event Apps In Just Hours

App Building, Get Inspired  John 19 Feb 2015

Why should any event have its own app? Because it is the way visitors want to communicate: they’re expecting all the information on their smartphone, presented in a clear and pleasurable way. AppMachine enables you to create a professional mobile event app in just hours for the price of a name badge.... Read more

Welcome More Guests With A Restaurant App

App Building, Get Inspired  John 25 Nov 2014

From browsing online menus to booking a reservation, mobile has become a crucial part of the restaurant business. So why is the mobile consumer still ignored by most restaurants?... Read more

Maartens Bird Machine: Classic Literature With Modern Live Streams

Get Inspired  John 21 Nov 2014

The Dutch campaign Nederland Leest (The Netherlands Reads) stimulates the nationwide reading of one single Dutch literary masterpiece in a single month. The campaign supports classic literature with modern tools such as an app with live audio and video streaming. AppMachine offers a unique video opportunity, says app builder Chance Making